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Synonyms for Britishism

an expression that is used in Great Britain (especially as contrasted with American English)

a custom that is peculiar to England or its citizens


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Following coverage of exam preparation, and practical and communication skills, stations on disorders by body system include case information, discussion points, hints and tips, color illustrations, and some Britishisms (e.g., nappy rash).
In the few weeks I've been back I've seen the mutation of nouns into verbs; the misuse of the reflexive or subjective pronoun for the proper objective pronoun; dangling modifiers and phrases; and the oddly promiscuous use of Britishisms. Alas, after years of grumbling over those now blithely accepted solecisms, I feel like King Canute, demanding that the rising tide of poor grammar halt.
Fortunately, the fluid Spanish rendition allows Spanish speakers to give attention to the many impressive revelations and plot twists and ignore Britishisms, Welsh phrases, and American English restrictions.
"Fifty Shades" is also full of distracting Britishisms that these American characters would never utter.
The third identifies the problems of "Transported Images" (119-23) such as cultural Britishisms like "stile" and "afternoon tea." The final, very interesting section compares the by no means equivalent semantic fields, in both German and English, of words "Concerning Witches, Wizards, witches and wizards [orig.
There are many Britishisms that are still in current use but
'Is the tea okay?' We tried to take all the Britishisms away without losing the essential humour," said Rock.
To support this claim, she concocted a wildly theatrical accent that combined those of movie stars she considered royalty, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor or Marlene Dietrich, with those of French chanteuses, Russian ballerinas, and imaginary Romanian countesses, adding occasional Britishisms adopted from her cousin-by-marriage, Jean Alfus.
Be prepared, also, for a few Britishisms imposed by the publisher ("transport", "lorry", "petrol").
While specialists may find its finer technical points a bit thin in places, and American readers might puzzle over its occasional 'Britishisms,' Winchester deftly probes the nexus of the public and private facets of one of scholarship's most profound minds and eccentric personalities." CHARLES DESNOYERS
Martin's Britishisms pose no problems and are sometimes unintended sources of smiles.
A clever title, a smattering of Britishisms, and slick b/w illustrations lend themselves nicely to this graphic novel.
Lembke adopts the sensible approach of using contemporary American usages when applicable, and dropping antique phrases or Britishisms adopted from an earlier generation of translations.
With the blessing of original translator Sasha Dugdale, Seiden, Amato and Olena Kushch, a Ukrainian student from Studio's Acting Conservatory, spent three months "taking out all the Britishisms and going back to the original Russian and putting a lot of the Russian flavor back in," Seiden says.
It's Happy Bunny products being distributed in the UK contain a mixture of the American phrases and some Britishisms. Postal of COP Corp.