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a native or inhabitant of Great Britain

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May someone answer if India and Pakistan got freedom in 1947 from Britishers, from whom did Kashmiris got the same till date.
Kate's parents, who run an online business of party supplies advice Britishers to decorate their homes using bright colours like red, orange, yellow and gold for the Thanksgiving party.
It has seen probably more brave deeds than Britishers have ever done in any campaign in our history.
Ahmedabad, India, February 05, 2014 --( This upcoming debut book, "The Bhairav Putras" by Suhail Mathur is a historical adventure fiction that pivots around the rebellion between the Britishers and the people of Bhairavgarh.
Cockney Rhyming Slang is virtually impenetrable, even for other Britishers, but see if you can decipher this: "Had a barny with the trouble, so went for a ball of chalk down the rub a dub dub for a swift Aristotle of pig's ear and a rabbit to me old china Biffo.
Sri Lanka was under British rule from 1818 and received Dominion Status from the Britishers in 1948.
Summary: LONDON(Cihan) - Hundreds of thousands of Britishers travelled to central London on Saturday to express their anger at the Government's spending cuts.
Scotsmen, and women, are proud Scots, not proud Britishers. Same goes for the Welsh, and the Northern Irish.
With some interruptions, the Stills stayed at their post, Ronald working valiantly but under increasing difficulties at the hospital until August 1942, when, with hopes of repatriation fast receding, the family moved with three hundred or so other Britishers into the Columbia Country Club in Shanghai.
One of their most effective accomplishments was the organization of a boycott by thousands of Britishers who stopped buying sugar grown by slaves.
For the first of these you may have to adopt a Cockney accent because those Britishers appear to have invented this--thus, "arf a mo" for "just a moment".
Hoppen admits to defining this volume by employing three major themes: 1) the Mid-Victorian transformation of work from what it had been on the land to what it became in the factory and how this matter of work affected a majority of Britishers. Secondly, he focuses on so-called "multiple national identities", or the constituent elements in the unitary state called the United Kingdom.
Forster, of naive Britishers or Americans who are charmed by Mediterranean ways and who plan an idyllic retirement in a refurbished house with a view.
His is a fascinating study of the background of Britishers in international banking and of recruitment channels and career paths for bankers and bank clerks.