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a board of the British government that administers and collects major direct taxes

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So there must be a level playing field to protect the people who provide the money, the British taxpayers.
All three have announced their different ways of addressing this, yet none dare remotely approach that eternal albatross around the necks of the beleaguered British taxpayer - foreign aid.
The only expense that British taxpayers should incur for child murderers is for a makeshift gallows and unmarked grave plot.
BRITISH taxpayers are missing out on up to pounds 3.8billion in tax-free interest.
The money to pay for the redevelopment was raised from the National Lottery Fund, private donors, and the government, while sixteen million pounds came from the British taxpayers. The Blair government, which poured scorn on Covent Garden in the past for its elitism and frowned on black-tie events, now wants to make the House a "people's opera" so that all have the opportunity to attend.
But running the lifeboats and paying the thousands of rescue workers does not cost British taxpayers a penny.
But British taxpayers must never subsidise a high street company which avoids making reasonable contributions to the taxman.
BRITISH taxpayers are paying for 100 Channel Tunnel security guards.
Mr Cameron's first priority must be to insure that British taxpayers fund only a true National Health Service and not an underfunded free-forall international health service.
SIR - I read with interest David Williamson's column of November 4 regarding the Chilcot Inquiry on the war in Iraq, still going on five years later, involving Tony Blair and George Bush, at the cost to the British taxpayers of PS9.5m, a loss of 179 gallant British service personnel and the destruction of an ancient city, killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.
British taxpayers contributed to the lender's bailout, which led to the RBS becoming 82 percent government owned.
PRIME MINISTER David Cameron last night promised to fight for a "good deal" for British taxpayers on the European Union budget as he welcomed German chancellor Angela Merkel to Number 10 for talks.
"Just a couple of weeks after learning how they are effect ively subsidising India's mission to Mars, British taxpayers will be dismayed to discover that the Indian government is splashing the cash on these new warships," the Daily Express quoted Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, as saying.
SLIM Palmer trips out the regular advice for people who oppose the huge cost the Royal Family impose on British taxpayers. Move elsewhere.
DAVID Cameron pledged he will not ask British taxpayers to underwrite the debts of ailing banks in Greece and Spain, as he held talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel about the eurozone crisis.
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