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sensationalist journalism

newspaper with half-size pages


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CELEBRITIES are usually the first to take any chance to criticise the British tabloid press, both Greg Rusedski and Serena Williams have come out in support of the fourth estate.
On his return to Rome last night, Eriksson revealed that the British tabloid press had already been hunting for skeletons in his cupboard.
Environmental groups such as Greenpeace use the cause to raise money, and the British tabloid press is notorious for taking a sensational story and running with it, Entis said.
We don't even think about it anymore, although it's always there in the British tabloid press because they insist on putting your age in parentheses after your name.
Confronted with such suggestions the British tabloid press erupted in anger.
The NUJ is acutely aware that some of the worst excesses of the British tabloid press are carried out by its own members.
Muslim clerics backed a boycott of the stores, which was gleefully reported as a fatwa by the British tabloid press.
The British tabloid press - being the brain-dead, yet exceedingly busy institution that it is - insisted on characterizing the actress herself as only a pretty face in report after report about a love life that she never even discussed, let alone lived.
Most of the British tabloid press - with the notable exception of the Labor-supporting Daily Mirror - is unashamedly pro-Tory.
The British tabloid press may have something to do with the decision to avoid the UK.
She said she was angered ``at some aspects'' of the British tabloid press after Princess Diana's death.
The British tabloid press, one of the world's odder manifestations of mass culture, is facing difficult times.
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