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sensationalist journalism

newspaper with half-size pages


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class="es-text-justifyIt is fake text, the fake website of the British tabloid, but a real Slovak man who did not have any idea his identity had been recently misused.
(USA), Jan 14 ( ANI ): American actor Dwayne Johnson accused a British tabloid publication for presenting fake interview, stating that the interview never happened.
"An ex-editor of the deceased British tabloid News of the World, Coulson, 46, resigned from the newspaper in 2007 over its phone hacking affair," Xinhua reported.
The British tabloid The Sun first published the video, which is 5 years old.
British tabloid The Sun published a photo of the pair from the Venice premiere of their new film "Gravity," saying that Clooney was "making eyes" at his co-star.
It is mentioned here that Minister for Interior, Rehman Malik had said as per inquiry the story in British tabloid Sun about alleged passport scam was a conspiracy to bring Pakistan into bad name.
She denied the charges to a British tabloid, saying she was alone in the cab.
According to a report in the British tabloid The Sun, the English-print editions are believed to contain coded clues to future terror attacks.
Summary: Rupert Murdoch's new British tabloid, The Sun on Sunday, will publish its first edition next weekend, News International has announced.
News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch flew into London on Sunday to tackle a high-profile telephone hacking scandal that forced him to abruptly shut British tabloid News of the World following allegations of illegal reporting tactics by some of its reporters.
Should no deal be reached during the summer, British tabloid speculation has Berbatov leaving the club for Spain or Germany for an estimated 15 million pounds sterling, half the amount United paid Tottenham on transfer-day deadline in 2008.
DUBAI Whether or not they are making up for lost time, we don't know, but last week a British tabloid ran a story about a tiger sighting in Dubai that had been reported five years back.
"There is no truth to these rumours', the statement said, referring to a story published in a British tabloid.
The Daily Mail, a British tabloid newspaper, is opening its first office in New York City to house its online division.
Dubai The betting scandal involving Pakistan cricketers has taken a new turn, thanks to fresh revelations made by the British tabloid News of the World, which first exposed the scandal.
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