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a system of weights and measures based on the foot and pound and second and pint

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Most of the democracies in the modern world are already based on the British system.
They failed to realize that the British system was alien to our (Muslim) tradition and system of justice which in the Arab world was based on the Sharia system and in the non-Arab world, such as Turkey, on the Civil Law system that prevailed in post-Napoleonic Europe.
Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt hit back by saying he was "proud" of the British system despite the "challenges" it faced.
The counter-protesters questioned Lord Nazir on how he was making a mockery of the British system by openly playing Pakistan's game.
Blair: If you had a crisis, there was nothing better than that British system.
"The British system is elitist and it has to change but I refuse to be disheartened.
Juncker said he will ask for some clarifications "not necessarily immediately because the British system is more complicated than we think." He stressed that there can be no preliminary discussion or secret negotiations with the British officials.
Clark also seems to know every inch of Cambridge University as well as the arcana of the British system of higher learning.
But he told the magazine: "The truth is the British system is the British system and the US has the US system.
Focusing on the British system, the book first begins with general criticism of educational research and defines the scope of the term.
However, most of the anchor-persons showered unqualified praise on the British system of justice and the British police, expressing an opinion that no criminal could escape and no innocent person could be unduly punished over there.
According to Farid, the company is striving to achieve a 30% increase in sales volume by the end of this fiscal year, 31 March under the British system.
As revealed in the Record, he outlined key changes to move away from a centralised British system to one where nations shared power, risk and resources.
Cook switched to representing the Isle of Man last year and insisted there was "no way back" with the British system while those responsible for his Olympic omission remain in charge.
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