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a system of weights and measures based on the foot and pound and second and pint

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The true homegrown players - like Milner and Ings - have come through the British system from the beginning.
So, you see, the British system of justice and the British police are not as perfect as very many of us believe.
The British system initially came here for the British living in the UAE, now only 15 per cent of the students attending British schools are British," he added.
English is the official language: the education system is all built into the British system.
London's Wembley Stadium was also used for an experiment with British system Hawk-Eye during a friendly between England and Belgium last year, although the results were not made public.
Why did Cyprus, which had the same potential (strategic location, a British system, educated population) end up on the road to partition and bankruptcy instead of the road to Singapore?
We will not give up, but we will never get justice from the British system.
London, Dec 4 ( ANI ): Google and Amazon have refused to bow to pressure over their UK tax payments, saying that their contributions to the British system were appropriate.
I am still waiting for one single politician to speak out against all the Eastern Europeans claiming British benefits and housing even though very few have ever contributed to the British system.
Moreover, the CJ said that Pakistani laws are not the continuity of British System, however, the decisions which are being made on the arguments of lawyers have become the ideology of the future.
She begins with the British system, on which the Japanese system is modeled.
Hughes, banned under the Indian rule that requires jockeys to ride to instructions given by connections, will also argue that, unlike the British system, he was not permitted legal representation under the disciplinary process in the subcontinent.
Following the success of Arsalan Arshad Ansari, who was Top in the World for Maths, and Khan Zibran Aziz who had three Cambridge International A Levels in June 2010, siblings Shady Adel and Ramy Adel Fahim Rezkalla from Al Ain Juniors British System have become the Top in the World for AS Level Mathematics and Top in the UAE for IGCSE Physics, respectively.
Nor did the rise of nationalism in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand undermine the Dominions' role in the British system.
My diploma training took place within a large public hospital system; the hierarchy was based on the British system.
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