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a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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I've been active in politics for 30 years - elected politics - and I've never seen the British state in a state of more disorientation and chaos.
The British State Minister, Mr Hands showed his interest in the investment in tourism sector.
The British state was deeply concerned with the welfare of its armed forces.
HRH Crown Prince, British State Minister for Middle East Affairs review regional and international developments.
The author then looks at British state censorship in colonial India and its application to root out sedition during the British partition of Bengal.
This outrageous situation is solely down to the right-wing ideology of this Government, which says you can have state operation of railways in Britain as long as it isn't by the British state for the benefit of the British people.
A "Yes" vote surely makes his position untenable: the Premier who, by default, ended the British state.
Mr McDonald continued: "The Tories believe in state ownership of railways but sadly not the British state and are more than happy to support the Dutch, French and German state-owned railways as they continue to operate our trains with massive British state subsidies.
What is of some concern, though, is that the British state seem prepared to forgive historical homosexual acts providing they were performed by a national hero or academic giant.
Hassen Rasool, a UK citizen who came to the fore with the broadcasting of a video clip on British state TV of Channel 4 which shows him reciting Adhan, gave an interview to Cihan's reporter in London's Harrow mosque where Rasool is on duty as Muezzin.
What they are actually saying is that any state can run our railways as long as it isn't the British state.
Plaid Treasury spokesman Jonathan Edwards said: aThese shocking figures confirm that once again the British State is the most unequal in terms of wealth in the whole of Europe.
Special emphasis is placed on the weaknesses in Ireland's political, economic, and social structure that were already in place on the eve of the famine, and on the failure of the British state to respond to hunger in Ireland.
All of these periods of conflict, Carlton argues, were pivotal in creating the British state.
Hugh Davies, counsel to the inquest, said it could extend to include "the possible culpability of the Russian state", as well as "the possible culpability of the British state in the death of Alexander Litvinenko either in carrying out by itself or its agents the poisoning; or failing to take reasonable steps to protect Mr Litvinenko.
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