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a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles

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What are we going to do?' "Are they going to do it on the basis of the 'partnership of equals' narrative that they have, with Wales an equal partner in the British state, or Scotland an equal partner in the British state?
Rather like the dog in The Wizard of Oz pulling back the curtain to reveal the almighty sorcerer as a frail old man, Brexit has exposed the Westminster establishment of the British State as self-serving, elitist and completely decoupled from the interests of the people it exists to serve.
He said: "Regarding attribution, which at the moment is focused on the Provisional IRA (PIRA), it could conceivably involve other agencies, including the British state, should the evidence take us in that particular direction."
"I've been active in politics for 30 years - elected politics - and I've never seen the British state in a state of more disorientation and chaos.
The British State minister, Mr Hands showed his interest in the investment in tourism sector.
A Ambassador Al-Naeem will hold talks with British State Minister for Foreign Affairs and other officials.
It costs PS3.2 billion annually to educate children from the EU in British state schools.
we have the chief executive earning almost PS30,000 a year more than the British state Prime Minister," she said.
For his part, British State Minister for the Middle East Affairs Thopyas Eliot expressed profound sorrow for the victims, saying "I was shocked to hear the news of victims falling during performing Hajj rituals.
Lind's insight, together with the evidence and analysis presented here, has important implications for our understanding not just of this war but of eighteenth-century warfare in general and, more broadly, for the development of the British state and empire in the period.
- HRH Crown Prince, British State Minister for Middle East Affairs review regional and international developments.
The British state, when you compare it to any other West European state, isn't really in any sense an average, normal government.
The case, in Belfast, is the first in court over the alleged cover-up of British state involvement at the Kincora children's home in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.
The author then looks at British state censorship in colonial India and its application to root out sedition during the British partition of Bengal.
"This outrageous situation is solely down to the right-wing ideology of this Government, which says you can have state operation of railways in Britain as long as it isn't by the British state for the benefit of the British people."
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