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a serialized program usually dealing with sentimentalized family matters that is broadcast on radio or television (frequently sponsored by a company advertising soap products)

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(50) Christine Geraghty, 'Exhausted and Exhausting: Television Studies and British Soap Opera', Critical Studies in Television, 5:1, 2011, 82-96.
16 ( ANI ): Nina Wadia, who stars as Zainab Masood in 'Eastenders,' has quit the British soap opera after being in the show for 5 years, it has been revealed.
Notably appeared in John Schlesinger's 1962 film, Kind Of Loving, alongside Alan Bates ale n's ed in e aving y, he , A ( ON MIKE: Entertainer Syd Walton (above) and (right) a familiar face - Eileen Derbyshire, who has played Emily Bishop in Coronation Street since 1961, making her the longest-serving female cast member in a British soap opera. She was awarded the MBE this year
Kevin Sacre, from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, is the only professional actor in the series of unscripted ads.
Summary: A popular British soap opera is set to introduce a controversial storyline that will see one of its Muslim characters become gay, which is likely to ruffle some feathers among British Muslims and add
Summary: EastEnders has been named the best British soap opera for the second year running.
Drawn to outsiders because he felt like one himself, he became a lifelong "friend of a friend of Dorothy." He loved old-time British music hall (similar to American vaudeville) and was a devotee of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street, delighting in meeting the cast on the set.
4 The video for which Queen song is supposed to be a parody of a British soap opera?
While they're watching a British soap opera in the evening, their Des Moines-based team leader is just
4: Vincent Price appeared in which British soap opera?
IT was interesting to see the memories of Colin Weston (Viewpoints, August 6) concerning The Appleyards drama, which from 1952 could be fairly termed the first British soap opera. It did indeed commence in 1952 and continued until 1957, being broadcast live on Thursday (normally on a fortnightly basis) with a further live repeat on the following Sunday.
The British soap opera is famed for its realism yet the LSC believes soaps such as Eastenders and Coronation Street could improve their characters' lives and show young people in a more realistic light, better reflecting young peoples' aspirations and career plans.
Sandy Richardson (Roger Tonge) was injured in a car accident and became the first major paraplegic character in British soap opera, while garage mechanic Joe MacDonald (Carl Andrews) was the first black character to appear regularly in a British soap.
Julie Goodyear, a former star of British soap opera Coronation Street, allegedly threatened to disembark from a Pakistani Airways flight unless the pilot lifted a smoking ban.
In October the British soap opera Coronation Street, which has been the top-rated show in the United Kingdom since Elizabeth took the throne, featured two major gay characters kissing.
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