British pound sterling

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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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For example, a citizen of the United Kingdom - who typically receives a British Pound Sterling dividend cheque - may be retired and living in Canada.
People in Newry, in County Down, have always dealt in both the Irish punt and the British pound sterling.
The bank initially plans to offer settlement options in euro and British pound sterling and will support its customer language requirements in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
The average British pound sterling exchange rate declined 3.
Travelex's new chip & PIN cards offered in Euro and British Pound Sterling will provide the same level of technical compatibility for U.
The decrease in consolidated net earnings for the quarter was primarily due to lower gross margins as a result of changes in the exchange rates used to convert sales in foreign currencies (primarily British pound sterling and euro) into U.
In addition, recent exchange rates of the British pound sterling to the US dollar are comparable to levels realized during the last three quarters of fiscal year 2009, and if maintained, are no longer expected to significantly impact quarterly sales comparisons year-to-year.
In addition, we believe that if the current trends continue, exchange rate losses could decrease going forward as the rate of exchange of British pound sterling and euros to the U.
Also, the continued strength of the US dollar against the British pound sterling is expected to result in lower reported sales and operating expenses for our UK operations, as its sales and expenses are translated to US dollars at the lower exchange rates.
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