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the people of Great Britain


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This is insane, and is the major reason why the majority of British people live in a culture of mediocrity.
I like British people because they support any migrant people and for everything.
The big, long-term question is whether it is sane to Keep with the status quo as conventional energy costs will just Keep going up infinitum year-on-year or would we be better to build something that would slash the electricity bills of the British people by up to 90%?
Brown was loved at first because he acted as though he was going to stand up for the British people.
Given the overwhelming importance of the Treaty, the British people should be allowed to express their view on the issues at stake.
Perhaps he should have listened to the democratic voice of the British people before embarking on a disastrous adventure into Iraq.
He told delegates: ``My message is that where we have succeeded in our first six years of government, where we have built a bond of trust with the British people, and where we will succeed in the future,it is by demonstrating the strength to take the long--term decisions, it is by being honest with the British people about the direction and challenges ahead, and it is by taking the Labour road -often the hard road -being true to our Labour values.
It is 50 years since the last EU referendum and many British people have moved to live and work in other parts of Europe.
Any US president is welcome to our shores but he should refrain from voicing an opinion in a ballot that that should not be tainted by those powerful vested interests who seem intent on usurping the will of the British people.
While the British people have to endure these hardships the Government manages to find enough money to give PS55m a day to the EU plus PS26m a day on foreign aid, some of which goes to countries like China, India and Brazil.
But Mr Clegg said: "I see us as a liberal progressive party that believes in so many of the things that British people are hoping to get from their politicians - cleaning up politics, giving communities a much greater say in the way money is raised and spent.
IN their 2005 election manifesto both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats promised the British people a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty, the powers of which are all but replicated in the Lisbon Treaty.
This time, the survivors will be telling their personal stories in their own words, giving British people the chance to learn about what it was really like for those involved in the turmoil of war, leaving their home country and coming here.
We are therefore clear in our support for the constitution, which we believe is in Britain's interest - but ratification must be subject to a referendum of the British people.
Whenever there is a huge cause, the British people react with generosity.
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