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the people of Great Britain


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It would never succeed, and not what the British people voted for.
"We fought very hard for this in Shropshire which has voted for Brexit and now the time has come to work with the European Union and show that the British people put their faith in this process and to show we can establish a good working relationship with the EU while not being part of a political process, working with them on the things British people want, which are trade and security through NATO.
The Prime Minister will say that while the two sides in the 2016 referendum disagreed on many things, they were united on one thing - that "what the British people decided, the politicians would implement".
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are supporting the family of two British people following their deaths in Spain, and will do all we can to assist them at this deeply difficult time.
A country in which the British people can elect British MPs to a British Parliament that passes British laws for the benefit of the British people.
I am sure that the ordinary British people as we are so often called could do a better job than many of our "I-know-best" politicians.
"We shouldn't underestimate the importance of the decision made by the British people. It is no small event.
(TAP) - Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, is promising the British people a Brexit deal that is "intellectually impossible" and "politically unavailable", according to the Dutch finance minister and Eurogroup president.
"And the vote would be to either accept the deal that the Government has got, or if the British people reject the deal then we would remain in the European Union and fight to reform it from within."
"We currently believe that three British people have been killed in this tragedy but we can't rule out the possibility there are further British people involved," Hammond told reporters.
NEARLY two-thirds of British people believe immigrants from within the European Union should wait at least three years before they are allowed to claim welfare benePSts, a major survey of social attitudes has shown.
THROUGH your paper I would like to thank Mr Farage and UKIP for giving a large proportion of British people the chance via the ballot box to give their views of life as a citizen of a country within the EU.
More than half of Germans (55 percent) backed tightening economic sanctions, while 46 percent of British people and 39 percent of French people did, the report added.
To me, this is an act of absolute insult to the British people who have expressed time and time again that they are completely fed up with uncontrolled immigration and its impact on our country.
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