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The character was later portrayed as a national icon fighting the British occupation in one of Egypt's legendary movies "Fe Baytona Ragol" (There is
Undoubtedly, Anderson was aware of the political situation in Korea regarding the British occupation of Geomun-do (see last week's articles) but he seems to have been rather naive in the manner in which a Korean official used him as a political weapon.
1936 - Treaty ends British occupation of Egypt, except Suez Canal zone.
Both nations have experience of occupation and colonization at the hands of British imperialism, and even today, the northern six counties in Ireland remain under British occupation. Tralee's move is the latest demonstration of Irish support for Palestine.
In April 1790, he spent five days on Long Island, an area recovering from seven years of devastating British occupation. Washington saw it all, from Brooklyn to Patchogue to Setauket and back.
Elhillo describes the January children as "the generation born in Sudan under British occupation, where children were assigned birth years by height, all given the birth date January 1."
The book reaches back to the first Spanish occupation in 1513, when the governor general was the law, and traces the histories of Florida's British occupation courts, U.S.
He stated that people of the country were relating the CPEC project to the British occupation of the Indian sub-continent through East India Company.
He claimed that now Pakistani citizens were equating the CPEC to the East India Company that led to British occupation of the Indian subcontinent between the 18th and 20th centuries.
'My grandmother was the leader of Angkatan Wanita Sedar (Awas), the first women's organisation in Malaysian history, and a freedom fighter during the British occupation of Malaya.
Sayyid Abdulmalek said the occupied territories will be liberated as they were liberated from the British occupation, and God willing that will be much faster.
He was to receive the Distinguished Conduct Medal but died on December 28, 1917, in an attack by Turkish troops on Jerusalem, which at the time was under British occupation.
The incident coincides with veterans and nationalist groups protesting on January 3rd, a date that "marks the 184th anniversary of the British occupation of the archipelago," reports El Pais.
British occupation forces facilitated such marriages, with active support of Japanese and Dutch Catholic clergy.
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