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In the first years of the British occupation, Palestinians started using British occupation coins which replaced the Turkish coins of the Ottoman Empire.
During the British occupation (1776-1783), Loyalist and Hessian troops were quartered in and around Oyster Bay, two Redcoat officers in the Townsend home.
org petition said: "The name is a constant reminder to the families of the victims involved in incidents in Derry caused by the British occupation, therefore constantly reminding the families of the incidents.
More than one province celebrated on Wednesday the 52 nd anniversary of the 14 th of October Revolution, which took place in 1963 when the British occupation was defeated in the south.
It also warned: "Farran will pay the price" and was signed: "The war against the British occupation - Stern Gang.
Argentina has always maintained that the British occupation of the Malvinas is illegal because these are part of Argentina's national territory and economic zone.
This palisade wall could have implications on where trash was deposited during the British occupation of the fort.
The date coincides with the anniversary Khartoum's liberation from British occupation by forces loyal to religious figure Mohamed Ahmed al-Mahdi in 1885 and the killing of General Charles Gordon in what is now the presidential palace.
Timerman was speaking during the commemoration of the 182nd anniversary of the British Occupation.
The Al-Wafd party was founded in 1918 by Egyptian leader Sd Zaghloul during the British occupation.
Afghanistan, which has never been under British occupation, won freedom from the United Kingdom 94 years ago during former King Ghazi Amanullah Khan's rule.
The maps illustrate the extent of, and data available on, British exploration of the Australian continent after almost 50 years of British occupation.
That some of the twentieth century's most brutal regimes were Bose's only options for military aid against British occupation is evidence of the dilemma that faced all Indian nationalists during the Second World War.
His contacts with the Egyptian upper class led to his marriage to Safiya, the daughter of the Egyptian prime minister Moustafa Pasha Fahmi, whose friendship with Lord Cromer, then the effective British ruler of Egypt, accounts in part for the eventual acceptability of Zaghloul to the British occupation.
The letter was timed to coincide with the 180th anniversary of what Argentina sees as the British occupation.
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