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Synonyms for peerage


Synonyms for peerage

the peers of a kingdom considered as a group

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Characters abound: From the eccentric OCS Commandant who insisted that cadets should learn skeet shooting "in case they were ever invited by a British nobleman to shoot clay pigeons," through a tyrannical CO who constantly blamed his subalterns for everything that went wrong but ignored them when they did well, to "Monty" who evidently made a very favourable impression on the author.
Last year, religious leaders stepped into an argument between thousands of mineworkers in West Virginia and a coal company owned by a British nobleman.
Pfeiffer'' is about a black British nobleman who escapes to America and becomes President Abraham Lincoln's butler and one-man kitchen cabinet.
The series centers on Desmond Pfeiffer, a black British nobleman, banished to the United States, who works as Abraham Lincoln's butler.
And one outlandish sitcom about a black British nobleman in the United States during the Civil War may repel the network's core audience.
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