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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Having left one failing block, the Russian States, they have now moved into another, not asking what we can do for it, but what it can do for us, and looking towards the generous handouts of British money.
Mosharraf Zaidi, campaign director of Alif Ailaan, said British money could only go so far.
The lovely Mr Cameron had the best education British money can buy at Eton and Oxbridge.
More than Au385 million of British money has been channeled to projects in the Ethiopia in the last two years, making it the largest recipient of bilateral aid in Africa.
Now, with the BBC and British money, it's the project I want it to be.
For decades, British money has bailed out the medieval farming economy of France.
The 2007 film Die Falscher (The Counterfeiters) told the story of Nazi Germany's counterfeiting scheme in which they forced over a hundred Jewish master artists, engravers, printers, and specialists in security papers and inks to forge American and British money in order to undermine those countries' ability to prosecute the war.
The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply".
But there's a little bit too much leeway in the rates being offered for British money in their US travel shop.
It's time to bandage up the gaping loopholes that allow British money to be spent on those who should be treated in their own countries.
She looked me in the eye, that face from British money suddenly alive, like a 20-pound note sizing me up.
A few foreign investors have helped out; British money is contributing to the restoration of the Hotel Saratoga, while the Lonja de Comercio has Spanish investors.
These are meant to be hardliners and they took British money," he said.
Presumably, Britain's coalition government agreed with the plan which might have devastated British morale had information leaked out during the dark summer of 1940 that British money was being shipped to Canada.
We discussed what we expected of the students, as well as their expectations of the trip, including such details as what British money looks like and what food they would likely eat there.
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