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The most frequently cited, both during the period of empire and subsequently, was that the limited authority and power of government within Britain greatly affected the character of British imperialism, especially, but not only, in the case of colonies that received a large number of British settlers.
Go to "The Last King of Scotland" for Forest Whitaker's performance, but ask why it leaves out the heritage of British imperialism that left Uganda with Amin, and perhaps why films by African directors do not get financed or remain virtually unscreened.
Porter, The Lion's Share: A Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1995, 3rd edn.
The essays in this special issue, focused on nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British imperialism, are all contributions to such research.
The impetus to the Indian presence in Africa was provided by British imperialism in the nineteenth century when thousands of Indians were brought over as plantation laborers, railway workers, clerks, policemen, and customs officials.
In Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order (Basic Books) the British-born Harvard historian recounts the virtues of British imperialism (which he credits with providing the international community with a century of order, security, and prosperity).
In this compelling study of the rise and decline of the British imperial imagination, Christopher Hodgkins challenges any easy assumptions that British imperialism was monolithic.
The whole characteristic of 19th century British imperialism was its self-proclaimed altruism .
British imperialism was not nearly so entrenched in Tanganyika as in Kenya, which had become a British colony far earlier than the formerly German Tanganyika.
Outside Malaysia's shiny urban centers unfolds a landscape studded with the architectural relics of the colonial era: great mansions shuttered and rusted, stained as much by the damp, invasive jungle as by the dark histories of British imperialism and Japanese wartime occupation.
It has its roots both in British imperialism, which encouraged in its exiles an idealized mental image of "home," and the Industrial Revolution, which transformed the rural countryside within a generation.
Even this small sample of the treasures on exhibit in her absorbing study suggests the particular historical contexts within which museum culture flourished in the nineteenth century, which included the Victorian scientific enterprise (both its discoveries and its epistemological and methodological assumptions), British imperialism (both its spoils and its ideology), and the technological revolution that made such feats of manufacture and reproduction possible.
Little did they know the IRA would blow the memorial to smithereens saying it was a symbol of British imperialism.
His reasoning, so far, is not that different from Gandhi's in unmasking the violence of British imperialism or the students in Tiananmen Square unveiling the brutality of Chinese Maoism.
Gandhi as the model for Christians because of the Indian leader's campaign of civil disobedience against British imperialism.
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