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Fulani imperialism cannot be made to replace British imperialism.
The problem is the study of British imperialism has very few students.
12) Sin embargo, se hizo un intento por revivir "el caballo azotado" en el contexto de los estudios del Imperio britanico en el libro de Cain y Hopkins antes citado, British Imperialism, publicado por primera vez en 1993 y de nuevo en 2001.
If the British imperialism and Russian Literature can be called as "mainstreaam literautures," the next two contributions will switch to "minor literatures.
It's absurd for 21st century India to maintain an anti-gay law that was imposed upon the nation by British imperialism in the 19th century.
Foster and Alan Hollinghurst; and the idea that British imperialism is progressively being replaced by the United States' hegemony in the world.
Mazibuko has witnessed British imperialism, apartheid and the era of democracy led by Nelson Mandela.
JOHANNESBURG -- Having lived through British imperialism, apartheid and the era of democracy led by Nelson Mandela, a 119-year-old South African woman has a claim to be the world's oldest person.
His response to Ray Davies' comments (Letters, June 28) on British imperialism seems to rest on the assumption that both sides are equivalent in terms of morality, justice and firepower.
British imperialism concentrated on the importation of sugar, tea, tobacco, and coffee, and the development of plantations to grow them.
Campbell writes that he hopes this book might "open the door to a serious re-evaluation not only of the Madagascar Mission, but of early nineteenth-century British imperialism and its relationship to the global evangelical enterprise" (p.
In this work, Ighile depicts the valiant Oba whose resistance to British imperialism led to his death in exile in 1914, the looting of his capital and the destruction of the Benin kingdom that had been in existence since the 13th Century.
It makes for important reading to understand the nature of American expansionism, British imperialism and white colonization.
He said that police failed to maintain law and order in Pakistan, as remains of British imperialism were present in the shape of bureaucracy.
Megan Norcia's new work creatively maps the nexus of nineteenth-century British imperialism, pedagogy, and gender through an examination of the cultural messages of geography primers.
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