British empiricism

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the predominant philosophical tradition in Great Britain since the 17th century

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British empiricism displays an understanding of universals that is consistent with the lack of distinction between sense knowledge and intellectual knowledge.
Brantley traces how these three religious figures, particularly, introduce British empiricism to the American scene.
These practices were to give ground as British empiricism came to replace the classical philosophy that undergirded the texts widely used in the schools.
While this theory best thrived during the great mathematico-deductive achievements of western thought, it was strongly supported by the image theory of mind developed in British empiricism.
And Russell's biases toward British empiricism led him to paint verbal pictures of philosophers he did not care for -- Augustine, Aquinas, Kant, Hegel, William James - that were at best caricatures and at worst calumnies.
She would have done better to have set her discussion within the context of British Empiricism, or to have related such anxieties more fully to Ruskin, whose chapters on 'The Truth of Imitation' and 'The Truth of Clouds' in Modern Painters are of direct relevance to the issue of 'soft focus'.
Hence, his study provides a fascinating combination of 19th-century British empiricism and 20th-century German existentialism.
In fact, as the books reviewed here reveal in varying degrees, British empiricism has been swayed, if not blown off course, by a salubrious breeze from France, and the concern with mentalite and ideology reveals a greater self-consciousness among ancient historians.
Going against the particularist tradition of British empiricism, Edwards believed that `reality is not exhausted by particulars, because there are, as well, continuing structures in the nature of things which are real factors in determining how they will behave', (p.
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