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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The British currency has been strengthening over the past two months, and this market remains firm.
The British pound rose sharply on Tuesday, bouncing from 31-year lows, as foreign exchange traders capitalized on a relief rally in the Pound days after the stunning Brexit results triggered the largest one-day crash in the British currency on record.
No sooner was the Brexit vote completed that the impact brought immediate chaos to the stock markets, driving down the value of British currency and dropping the nation's global economic ranking a full spot.
Brexit may affect in two ways: due to depreciation in British currency people may need to send more in pound sterling, therefore there are good chances that remittances may increase while contrarily, recipient households may need to cut down their expenditures which will negatively affect our GDP growth and secondly, in case of job loss, even in the short run, the flow of remittances will be reduced to Pakistan.
Hannan said he thinks the British currency is "hugely overvalued" and that the drop in sterling since the vote was needed.
The British currency plunged in value after Thursday's shock 'leave' result in a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union.
The British pound collapsed to a 31- year low against the dollar after crashing 10 per cent while compared to the rupee, British currency fell around ` 7 to 93.
The British currency has fallen by 10%, registering its lowest level against the US dollar since 1985.
Traders pounded the British currency (forgive the pun) until Prime Minister John Major withdrew from the ERM.
British currency rates dropped following the news that UK inflation was recorded as negative by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in April this year, the BBC reported on Tuesday.
A: At a time when the Euro is struggling and more established European economies are having trouble with the single currency it would seem strange for Scotland to entertain the idea, however the SNP which is the dominant political force in Scotland and supporting independence has said it will keep the pound as it as much a Scottish as an overall British currency.
8bn) worth of notes from the British currency printing agency, De La Rue.
The CBN urged those still in possession of the British currency to repatriate it through the service of Messrs Travelex Banknotes Limited.
A Pakistani woman has claimed to get deprived of her million-worth assets including British currency and jewellery placed inside a `hand carry bag', local media reported.
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