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the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Sterling edged up against the dollar on Friday, supported by broad weakness in the yen and talk of corporate flows that could spur demand for the British currency.
He describes entrepreneurial families like the Rothschilds; Jewish banks and how the Jews sustained the British currency through the wars; and their participation in the jewelry trade, clothing manufacturing, coal mining, iron production, oil exploration, chemicals, the media, the tourism industry, the food industry, the automobile industry, show business, gambling, housing development, and information technology.
A current Persian website--Asr-e Iran--nostalgically laments that while the Iranian national currency unit--the Shahi--was equal to one shilling or one-twentieth of the English pound in the 16th century, the value of today's rial is officially equal to 1/19,500 of the British currency and its free market rate as little as1/30,000.
The 70s (BBC Two, 9pm) IMAGINE a time when British currency was changed overnight; when the Internet sounded like the ravings of a madman, and you either stayed in for your favourite show or you missed it until a repeat came along.
A British currency trader who grabbed headlines for spending AED 217,000 (US $62,000) on Champagne in a Dubai nightclub has been arrested at the request of the UK's financial regulators.
With the pound under pressure, the US refused to support British currency unless our troops were pulled out.
At first, the fake notes were circulated in neutral Portugal and Spain with the double objective of raising money for the Nazi cause and creating a lack of confidence in the British currency.
Exports of the notes, which were manufactured by British currency printer De La Rue, had previously been blocked, to comply with UN sanctions.
Whether they simply counterfeited the coins and banknotes, or reduced their value by clipping round the edge and selling the excess silver, the coiners were undermining the value and integrity of the British currency.
Allam sold all his belongings in Egypt and flew to England, where he discovered that he'd been sold fake British currency and had to start from square one.
The British currency also shed strength versus the rupee as it started the day's trading at Rs 136.
A hefty 89 per cent said they didn't exchange the money back to British currency when they got home.
A: Rands and dollars are legal currency in their own countries of course, and they can be exchanged for British currency by your bank.
She said: "Police are appealing for information after a quantity of travellers' cheques, foreign and British currency was taken from a travel agents' in Birtley.
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