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During the British colonial period officials enacted laws to control witchcraft accusations in the territory.
The former refers to the gender discourse of the Egyptian politician Mustafa Kamil (1874-1908), who attempted to assert Egyptian men's masculinity in order to counterbalance the power disequilibrium during the British colonial period (1882-1936).
The concept of divorce has existed in some form or the other since the pre-colonial era and was also used to draft public policy during the British colonial period.
Despite decades of neglect, many buildings from the British colonial period are still in use.
2) The legacy of the British colonial period persists to this day in both political policymakings and academic discourses, both at the center and state levels.
of Gloucestershire), but had converted from the lower castes during the British colonial period to escape discrimination by the dominant Hindus.
During the British colonial period (1878-1960 AD), the water problems were handled on a systematic basis.
McDonald discusses the British colonial period, when traditional customs and authorities were overruled, then the Japanese invasion and the American response in the Second World War.
This was a dramatic intervention, and the British colonial period became a watershed in the environmental history of South Asia.
It discusses education during the British colonial period in Kenya and traces her passage through a Catholic boarding school with 300 students from all walks of life.
2) As Richards indicates in his account of serving as a Sarawak administrative officer, he was asked in 1961, near the end of the British colonial period, to undertake a study of Iban adat and practices related to land subject to Native Customary Rights (called NCR land).
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