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This book tells the story of the Leahy family of Tipperary and highlights the intriguing emergence of professional civil engineering in Ireland, the railway mania that gripped the country in the 1840s and the role that surveyors and engineers played in the administration of the British colonial empire across the world.
But he was the indispensable civil servant who labored largely out of public view throughout his career yet exerted considerable influence on policy formation and administration of the British colonial empire during a crucial period.
The second period, 1914-18, was marked by the First World War and its impact on the British colonial empire in general and on Malaya in particular.
Finally, Draper positions the slaveholders he uncovers within the extant narratives of slavery's end in the British colonial empire.
Mixed Messages is a collection of commissioned essays, seven of which analyze publications of Protestant missionaries in various parts of the British colonial empire, and five of which look at Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu missions and at international relations as a form of mission activity.
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