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It is shrouded in a message of benevolence for the local masses, it paints a picture of a brighter future for the historically marginalised people, and like the British colonial masters, offers the locals no room for discussion or dissent.
Costas Georghiou, an expert on colonial architecture and the author of "British colonial architecture in Cyprus" and "Architecture of the Cypriots during British rule", said the building is an example of early colonial bungalow style, few of which still exist.
To many, this tragedy sparked the beginning of the movement to end unwanted British colonial rule over India.
First the British colonial rulers made it part of Balochistan for their ulterior designs or for administrative reason.
Naidu, speaking at a convocation ceremony organised by the National Institute of Technology (NIT) here, said that while he was not against English language, India should break away from the mindset imposed by British colonial rulers.
A major reasons for the unrelenting poverty is historical.SECURITY BUFFERKenya inherited its non- development strategy for the region from the British colonial government, which used the area mainly as a security buffer Northern Frontier District (NFD) while developing the agriculturally fertile areas.
In this biography, the author traces how Marcus Garvey's Jamaican formation shaped his life and thought and how he combated the British colonial authorities as well as fought deep-rooted self-doubt and self-rejection among Black people in Jamaica, hence, Garvey's political and cultural work at the local level is discussed as part of his project to stimulate self-determination in Africa and its Diaspora.
She has a rich legacy of being a descendant of Rooplo Kohli who had fought against the British colonial forces during their attack on Sindh in 1857.
Bethlehem/PNN/ Today we mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, when the British colonial power promised Palestine, a land that wasn't theirs, to the Zionist movement, thus ignoring the political and national rights of the indigenous Palestinian people.
For 30 years (1917-1947), the British colonial authorities used excessive force to suppress Palestinian resistance movements, while training and supplying weaponry to the Zionist militias that displaced over 750,000 Palestinians, who count for 7 million refugees today.
It said that defense of the Balfour Declaration means support of the Israeli occupation and racial discrimination as well as pride in the British colonial rule.
The historic Sardaryab was said to be built during the British colonial times in 1939.
However, the professional attire or business dress in these countries mostly consists of a suit and tie, which does not suit the tropical weather of these countries and is also a symbol of British colonial slavery.
For many Indians, the loss of the Koh-i-Noor is symbolic of India's subjugation under British colonial rule and its return is viewed as partial compensation for centuries of economic exploitation.
The British colonial administration in the Maritime Provinces after this humiliating defeat decided against direct confrontation and used intrigue to cause dissension between the King and his Sinhalese Chieftains.
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