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a style of architecture used in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria

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Dyan Colclough's Child Labour in the British Victorian Entertainment Industry offers an engaging account of the contribution made by working children to the burgeoning culture industry of the late Victorian period.
While some of the writers--and readers she examines undoubtedly reinforce stereotypes of British insularity, her work reminds us that many British Victorians lamented assumptions of cultural superiority.
The medal dates back to 1857 and was a gift from King Freidrich Wilhem IV of Prussia who was a major supporter of British Victorian architecture.
To a British Victorian reader a foreign investor representing the bloodthirsty corporation was the ultimate monster under the bed.
Jones was a British designer, architect and art theorist, who revolutionised British Victorian design by bringing principles of Islamic design to Europe.
The second piece describes his life after settling in London, especially his impression of the lions of British Victorian literature.
Only a few authors of the British Victorian (19th-century) period are remembered and perhaps read today: Charles Dickens, Robert Browning, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, Tennyson, and Oscar Wilde.
He approached design through the intellectual lens of his native central Europe, and while his works bear stylistic affinities to the German Rundbogenstil and the British Victorian Gothic, they are truly the result of a careful inquiry into organic models drawn from his idiosyncratic perception of natural science.
The British Victorian paintings are being shown in London alongside other masterpieces of late Victorian art from the Tate Collection.
This could be empowering, giving them status that they might not have in British Victorian society, but it could also be strenuous and demoralizing to sustain the position of domestic role model in an alien environment .
Maclise himself was an influential creator of the iconography of British Victorian identity, through his history murals for the Houses of Parliament, while his fellow-Irishman John Henry Foley sculpted a large part of the Albert Memorial.
Whether this work stands as a sole reminder of this lost portion of Victoriana, or whether it will mark the beginning of an emergent study of black British Victorian history remains to be seen.
His acclaimed book,Seaport,an architectural tour through Liverpool, was the first serious academic appreciation of any British Victorian cityscape.
But his main interest is in two nineteenth-century genres where the action of rewriting Christ took place dramatically and influentially: German theology in quest of the historical Jesus, and British Victorian fiction.
In 1975, the company launched its "Rosy Life" brand of clothing, inspired by British Victorian floral design arid available in their Rosy Life shops, located inside department stores.
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