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a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)

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In this case the acronym referred to the Scandinavian Airline Service - but it is often used by the British Special Air Service counter-terrorist unit.
The Special Air Service Regiment, based in Perth, is modeled after the British Special Air Service. Members are trained in airdrops, dive operations, jungle fighting and explosives.
Mick Gould, a former member of the British Special Air Service and a respected authority in the areas of martial arts and weapons training, helped prepare Cruise for the role of a trigger-happy contract killer in his new film, Collateral.
John "Lofty" Wiseman of the British Special Air Service provides a compendium of esoteric information for the stranded: cook ants for at least six minutes, zigzag when fleeing a rhino, and don't urinate while swimming in the Amazon because a catfish might swim up your urethra.
For nearly a month, Green Berets and British Special Air Service (SAS) troops fought Iraqi Special Republican Guard and Special Security Service soldiers near Qaim on the Syrian border, some 200 miles northwest of Baghdad.
Members of Delta, other Special Forces Units, DevGroup (aka SEAL Team Six), other SEAL teams, as well as visiting foreign units including the British Special Air Service and Special Boat Service are continuously rotating through training cycles at Gunsite, John Shaw's Mid South, Black Water, and other such facilities.
This dual function parallels that of the renowned British Special Air Service (SAS) and it was after this elite regiment that founder General John de Chastelain modelled the JTF II.
In 1987, British Special Air Service forces shot and killed three IRA provisionals on Gibraltar.
Modern armies do not have to run on a class system and the best example of this is the British Special Air Service which has no class system, yet they excel at everything they do.
A British Special Air Service trooper killed a member of the Islamic State group with (http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/553927/SAS-hero-kills-Isis-axe-Jihadi-girls-freed) an axe during a rescue mission to free enslaved girls in Syria, according to media reports from the weekend.
Irwin mentions activities of the British Special Air Service in Normandy and special-operations executive agents but fails to explain their relation to and coordination with the Jedburghs.
The theoretical discussion is tested against two World War II case studies: "Operation Chastise," British bombing raids against German dams and British Special Air Service failures during the Normandy Campaign.
British journalist Jones documents the covert activities of the British Special Air Service Regiment in Malaya in the years immediately following World War II, a period that was crucial in the formation of the modern SAS, as well as their involvement in the Greek Civil War.
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