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Blue and old gold; the history of the British South Africa Police, 1889-1980.
The relief of Mafeking, after a 217-day siege by Boers of this small Cape Colony town, in British South Africa, caused wild rejoicing when the news reached London at 9.
Whilst I never met Dave, I was very aware of him and his achievements and reputation in the British South Africa Police.
His many years in the British South Africa Police--using counter-terror operations in the Rhodesian bush--gave him a credibility and authority that many of the rest of us who presume to write about defensive handgunning lack.
In 1891, officials of the British South Africa Company drew a line on a map in order to carve out two new districts in the lands under their control, heedlessly slicing through the traditional boundaries of the Chewa and Tumbuka tribes.
The bikes they made for the British South Africa Company even had attachments to take a sword and a rifle.
Starting in 1873, he establishes a monopoly over Kimberley diamond production, becomes a member of South Africa's parliament, tricks the Matabele ruler into securing further diamond concessions, conspires to overthrow Kruger in the Transvaal and eventually is severely admonished by the British House of Commons for grave breaches of duty as prime minister of Cape Colony and administrator of the British South Africa Co.
The ruddy-faced former British South Africa Police officer was an instant hit with Mugabe after the CIO was assigned to look after the him while electioneering.
Following in the footsteps of David Livingstone and funded by his income from gold mining, Rhodes founded the British South Africa Company, which started to colonize the interior in 1889.
In 1862, the Standard Bank of British South Africa, incorporated in England and established in Port Elizabeth, began its expansion by internal and external growth.
In South Africa, Rhodes dreamed of linking British South Africa with British colonies in North Africa.
His dream of a British South Africa was only partly fulfilled and then only for a brief time.
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