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In 1991, after Somalia's meltdown at the hands of former Somali president Siad Barre, the areas which formerly covered British Somaliland declared independence -- breaking away from Somalia.
45) The conference predicated the new territorial borders on the notion that the Act of Union was not properly passed, and thus, post-colonial British Somaliland and Italian Somalia were never truly a unified state, which provided a legal basis for their resolution.
May 18, 1991 was a historic day -- the rebirth of Republic of Somaliland (known as British Somaliland from 1884 to 1960).
After the fall of British Somaliland, the British spent the fall of 1940, consolidating their positions in East Africa, integrating the above mentioned reinforcements, and launching harassment raids into Ethiopia.
Following Italy's declaration of war on the United Kingdom in June 1940, Italian troops overran British Somaliland and drove out the British garrison.
Clan elders accepted and ratified the treaties, establishing the British Somaliland Protectorate and securing trade routes for Great Britain.
Adam (political science, College of the Holy Cross) presents seven linked essays exploring issues of political and social conflict in Somalia and Somaliland since the independence of British Somaliland in 1960.
Laurence more conventionally accompanied her engineer husband to the British Somaliland Protectorate, where she made the first systematic translations into English of Somali oral literature.
Before coming to a fuller appreciation of Canada, Laurence's first real homes with her husband were in the British Somaliland Protectorate (now the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland) and the Gold Coast (now Ghana).
He returned home to a hero's welcome in 1942 and accepted his VC on behalf of the men who died alongside him at the Tug Argan Gap in British Somaliland.
In the modern tradition which demands explanations and examinations of the anthropologist at work, Professor Lewis starts with an account of things Somali, in British Somaliland as it then was.
In the light of difficulties, which the British experienced in parts of Somaliland during the years 1898-1920, due to the not infrequent distractions of Muhammad Abdille Hassan (the "Mad Mullah" of British Historical records), British policy in the entire region, and, principally, in British Somaliland, wavered from complete or partial withdrawal to coastal concentration or total occupation of the interior with all that it entailed in terms of loss of lives and financial resources, between less administration and more administration.
Somalis do not forget Siad Barre's massacres in the late 1980s of some 150,000 northerners in the former British Somaliland, or his near-total destruction of northern towns like Hargeisa with the help of South African bomber pilots and U.
A large area with a northern coastline on the Gulf of Aden facing Yemen is the former colony of British Somaliland, which has a functioning government and calls itself Somaliland.
1) At independence, Somalia--officially the Somali Republic after the union of former British Somaliland in the North and former Italian Somaliland in the South (2)--was regarded as one of the least likely African countries to fall into the category of a "failed state.
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