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the government agency in the United Kingdom that is responsible for internal security and counterintelligence overseas

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The two naval explorers dived in Larnaca to research a theory supporting that the Zenobia was purposely shipwrecked by Israeli and British secret services. Military equipment indicating that the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) was a possible receiver was found in the shipwreck.
But human rights group Reprieve, which campaigned for Binyam Mohamed's release from Guantanamo Bay, said Rahman's case "provided yet more evidence of systemic and widespread complicity in torture on the part of British secret services".
Belfast-born Mr McGartland, 39, is doomed to live his life in hiding after information he supplied to the British secret services saved the lives of 50 intended IRA targets.
But I know it wouldn't serve any purpose, and I am happy for them to walk the streets if it keeps the peace." Belfast-born Martin, agreed to spy on the IRA for the British secret services, but the decision cost him his family and his life.
Lugovoi, a businessman with a taste for pinstriped suits and bright ties, has held numerous news conferences and given lengthy radio interviews alleging that the British secret services, Kremlin foes and the underworld all had reasons to kill Litvinenko.
The British secret services were no angels," she added.
Deveraux represents the bad side of the British secret services, who are also represented by Dudley, one of the good guys.
The royal family was routinely bugged by British secret services, the Princess Diana inquest heard yesterday
Spooks are, by nature, people who blend into the background, and that would be my only criticism of this novel - with so many suspects in the halls of the British secret services, I found it difficult to distinguish one suited spy from another.
OUR revelations today that yet another senior Sinn Fein member has been working for British Secret Services will shock the world.
The British secret services hatched a plan to kill Milosevic during the Bosnian war, but instead the idea was developed and used to kill the Princess, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul in Paris, claimed renegade MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson.
US spy David Rupert knowingly committed tax fraud by not declaring payments from the British secret services, the Omagh bomb civil action heard yesterday.
Andrei Lugovoy whom Russia is refusing to extradite to face trial for the murder in London of Alexander Litvinenko, claimed that the British secret services wanted to use his company as cover to get agents into Russia.
"He spent several years in a Soviet prison camp as a traitor for helping the British Secret Services.
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