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an honorary English society (formalized in 1660 and given a royal charter by Charles II in 1662) through which the British government has supported science

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Manahel said, "I feel proud to receive this award, which I did not run for, but I was elected by a committee of specialists in the British Royal Society."
Driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in up to 20 per cent of road accidents and up to a quarter of fatal and serious accidents, according to research by the British Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, writes Terry A Miller.
The results, published in the British Royal Society's journal Biological Sciences, unveil intricate links between foetal exposure of males to hormones, the development of some physical traits, and what turns on the opposite sex.
He was the discoverer ofoleic and stearic acids, a member of the British Royal Society, and the recipient of their prestigious Copley Medal.
"Our data revealed an alarming trend," the authors reported in the British Royal Society journal Biology Letters.
First Lady Suzanne Mubarak cancelled a trip to London earlier this week, where she was to be honored at the British Royal Society of Medicine, to be with her grandson.
The academy has nine partners: The Ministry of Education, the Traffic Department, Safra Company, an affiliate of Xenel Group, Nissan Middle East, American National Academy (ANA), the British Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents, Jeddah Community Council, Arab Organization for Traffic Safety and United Sibak Company.
Only last week, the British Royal Society published a report warning about the risk of suicide terrorism and the possibility of nuclear shipments being sabotaged by terrorists, or worse, hijacked and used to make improvised nuclear weapons.
Early scientific and scholarly publication was by a body usually under the patronage of royalty, aristocracy, church or state, such as the Academie Francaise, established in 1635, or the British Royal Society, which began publishing its Proceedings in the 17th century.
The British Royal Society has estimate that it would need an extra GBP1.96m to maintain the scientists that it funds under an open access publishing model, something that the CEO of publisher Macmillan, Richard Charkin, thinks would make open access more expensive in the UK, reports The Bookseller.
A series of papers published recently in the journal of the British Royal Society of Medicine argues that sexual transmissions accounts for just a third of Africa's AIDS cases.
The British Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering recently predicted that worldwide energy consumption will at least double in the next half-century, posing an awesome environmental challenge: how to limit surface and air pollution and global warming.
If 15 or so people (or less) were to have died from the new variant in 1999, the epidemic would total no more than 500,000 cases, according to the computing models which appeared in the reports of the British Royal Society.Upbeat scenario.If the number of victims this year is equal to or lower than last year, the likelihood of deaths due to this disease may increase to a maximum of 14,000 cases, or even less, according to the specialists Christl Donnelly, who is in charge of the study.
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