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the approved pronunciation of British English

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Formant analysis of stressed /i:/ and /I/, as compared to the typical values of a female British RP speaker as per Table 1
Average of formants of the relevant vowels produced by a model female native speaker of British RP, taken from Gimson ([1962] 2001, 99)
dialects; it can be pronounced weakly with the tongue forward, behind the upper front teeth [r] as in Network Standard; it can be trilled or burred in the same position [rr] as in Scots English; it can also be slurred in this position to become the schwa [e] (the indeterminate sound of unstressed vowels), which blends with the preceding vowel, as in British RP, New England, and working class accents in the Northeastern U.
One fifteen-year-old that we spoke to on Tangier Island, in giving the name of a business, used an [e] in the first name "Charles," as is common in British RP and some Northeastern and Southeastern American dialects, and a standard American R in the last name "Charnick.
Ann Walsh, of Franklin Road, Whitnash, former Leamington branch leader of the British RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) Society, has joined forces with her friend Gil Priest, of Broadway, Cubbington, to organise the event.
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