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the approved pronunciation of British English

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One fifteen-year-old that we spoke to on Tangier Island, in giving the name of a business, used an [e] in the first name "Charles," as is common in British RP and some Northeastern and Southeastern American dialects, and a standard American R in the last name "Charnick.
On Ocracoke and Tangier Islands, some residents use some of the diphthongs that Kokeritz and Crystal argue were common in early modern English, rather than the diphthongs of British RP and American Broadcast Standard English.
An argument can certainly be made that these dialects, along with Mountain Southern, with their perceptible diphthongs, extreme contractions, and pronounced post-vocalic "r"s, are closer to the accents of Shakespeare's actors than contemporary British RP.
Proceeds will be divided between the British RP Society and Sherbourne Field School for the Disabled in Coventry.
I thought it would be a great idea to team up with Gil to raise some money for research by the British RP Society and for Sherbourne Field School.
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