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London [England], February 23 ( ANI ): Member of Parliament (MP) in United Kingdom (UK) Tanmanjeet S Dhesi on Thursday strongly condemned the alleged racial attack on his guest whose turban was pulled off while standing in a queue outside the British Parliament.
The Member British Parliament also emphasized the need for collective efforts to increase the existing trade volume between the two countries.
This came at the end of a session in the British Parliament that the General Union of Palestinian Students in the United Kingdom organised in cooperation with the Britain Palestine Communication Centre, Middle East Monitor reported.
LONDON: Andreea Cristea, who fell into the River Thames during the March 22 terror attack outside the British parliament, has died in hospital, police said Friday, bringing the toll to five.
Yasmeen Qureshi MP of British Parliament including visiting delegation from the Indian Occupied Kashmir.
In 2015, Hammond introduced the European Union Referendum Bill 2015-16 in the British Parliament.
The vote will come amid growing calls from conservative members of the British Parliament and the U.
But when the British Parliament votes against the intervention, he decides he needs the backing of a reluctant Congress.
She told it how was that the EU were ruling the British parliament.
LONDRA (CyHAN)- An Alevi group comprising several members of the British parliament and members of the Britain Alevi Federation has been established in the British Parliament.
British Parliament approved on Wednesday, on plan of Prime Minister David Cameron to fighting against Daash where one hour after the approval of the parliament , two / Tornado /, launched at dawn Thursday, heavy blew from military British base in Cyprus hitting targets for Daash terrorist ganges in Syria.
We do not want to establish a precedent for the Commission to interfere in any way with the laws the British Parliament makes on funding.
London, May 9 -- A record number of 10 Indian-origin candidates including Keith Vaz, Priti Patel and Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy's son-in-law were today elected to the British Parliament.
When will he realise that the Welsh Assembly and the British Parliament are not opposing rugby teams, but public servants.
As grown-ups, he and his ministers should be in permanent contact with their opposite numbers in the British Parliament, sharing their knowledge and experiences, producing joint solutions to similar problems.
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