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a region of Malaysia in northeastern Borneo

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36) Government British North Borneo to British North Borneo Co.
59} The sheer size of the area covered by SEMUT--northern and central Sarawak, southwestern British North Borneo, and northeastern Dutch Borneo--was an impressive accomplishment in itself.
In 1910, the British North Borneo (Chartered) Company Court of Directors received a report from its chief representative in North Borneo (present-day state of Sabah in the Federation of Malaysia), Acting Governor A.
On his voyage to Hongkong from Marseilles, Rizal met William Pryer, the manager of the British North Borneo Company, the company that had obtained a longterm lease from the Sultan of Sulo in 1878 to manage the entire island of North Borneo.
In 1780, British North Borneo Company signed a lease agreement with the Sultanate of Sulu, after the British colonial ruler that had occupied Malaysia, allowed it to operate in the area.
At this point Tina's father, Edward Kisil, enters the story as a handsome police officer, from Kuala Penyu (southwestern Sabah), who had been posted by the British North Borneo Company, which then ruled Sabah, or British North Borneo as it was called.
It is owned by the Sulu Sultanate, was leased by the British North Borneo Co.
In 1878, Sultan Jamalul A'lam who ruled from 1862 to 1881, signed a lease agreement with British North Borneo, when British colonials allowed the company to operate in Sabah (which was not part of British colony).
Now married and with a tenure-track position at NYU, he applied for and won a Fulbright Research award to study Murut depopulation in what was then the Colony of British North Borneo, now Sabah.
Given the title of 'Resident of the East Coast', he was provided by what soon became the British North Borneo Chartered Company with an 'administrative staff of two Eurasian assistants and a West Indian servant.
But the United Kingdom decided to give up North Borneo, after it was turned over by the British North Borneo Company to the Federation of Malaysia, in favour of Malaysia's independence.
11) He was introduced in the petition as "One of the principal headman of Dusun inhabitants of Papar, British North Borneo, has been deputed by his fellow countrymen of several villages in the said district to come to Labuan" to present the petition.
John Galbraith, 'The chartering of the British North Borneo Company The Journal of British Studies, 4, 2 (1965): 108.
His group claims that Sabah was merely leased to the British North Borneo Co.
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