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a region of Malaysia in northeastern Borneo

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The arrangement between the British North Borneo Co and the Sulu Sultanate was overtaken by changes in the political scene and the claim was left to gather dust in the archives.
When Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman announced the idea of an expanded Malaya that would include Singapore, Brunei, Sarawak, and British North Borneo in 1961, his proposition was initially rejected by local leaders in British North Borneo, some of whom were hoping for separate independence.
15) Meanwhile the search for personnel "with experience and real knowledge [of] British North Borneo and Sarawak" continued to be of high priority.
Landgraf worked in Sabah from early 1954 through early 1955 on a Murut depopulation study commissioned by the colonial government of then British North Borneo, and supervised by the colonial Department of Medical Services.
The British North Borneo turned over Sabah to Great Britain, which, in turn, turned it over to the Federation of Malaysia which became independent in 1963.
11) He was introduced in the petition as "One of the principal headman of Dusun inhabitants of Papar, British North Borneo, has been deputed by his fellow countrymen of several villages in the said district to come to Labuan" to present the petition.
In 1878, Sultan Jamalul A'lam who ruled from 1862 to 1881, signed a lease agreement with British North Borneo, when British colonials allowed the company to operate in Sabah (which was not part of British colony).
Woolley prepared and/or compiled six Native Affairs Bulletins for the British North Borneo Chartered Company.
But the United Kingdom decided to give up North Borneo, after it was turned over by the British North Borneo Company to the Federation of Malaysia, in favour of Malaysia's independence.
The first describes the brief existence, from 1893-1897, of the British North Borneo Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, a group formed to promote scholarly research in northern Borneo and surrounding areas.
On 21 June 1962 the Cobbold Commission had issued its report supporting Sarawak and British North Borneo becoming member states in a proposed Federation of Malaysia.
1992 Plantation Agriculture and Development of Native Land Rights in British North Borneo, c.
After his death, this involvement finally materialized, of course, in the form of Sarawak and British North Borneo.
1998 Early Constabulary Expeditions in British North Borneo, 1883 to 1888.
His nephew Charles had been Rajah of Sarawak for a full ten years, and, by the time A Decade in Borneo appeared, fifteen years later, Charles was deeply engaged in the prosaic task of creating a recognizable administrative system that, whatever its limitations, would prove far more effective than anything that the British North Borneo Chartered Company would ever succeed in establishing in Sabah.
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