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the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea

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In British New Guinea Annual Report for the year ending 30th June 1904, Government Printer, Melbourne, Appendix D: 31-34.
John Hubert Plunkett Murray, Papua or British New Guinea, T.
Ethnographical collection from the Kiwai District of British New Guinea in the National Museum of Finland, Helsingfors (Helsinki): a descriptive survey of the material culture of the Kiwai people.
In 1906, British New Guinea became Papua, and administration of the region was taken over by newly independent Australia, which also took control of German New Guinea, including Bougainville in 1914.
Anniversaries: 1555: English Protestant reformers Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley burnt at the stake opposite Balliol College, Oxford, for heresy; 1793: Marie Antoinette was guillotined; 1847: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte published under the pseudony m Currer Bell; 1854: Birth of playwright Oscar Wilde; 1890: Birth of Irish leader Michael Collins; 1906: British New Guinea became part of Australia; 1964: China exploded a nuclear device; 1981: Death of Israeli military leader and eye-patch wearer Moshe Dayan.
A quarter of the volume is devoted to the languages of British New Guinea.
Haddon (1900:244) noted that '[f]lat or biconvex disc clubs are very common' in the region taking in the 'Fly River Valley and the mainland of British New Guinea facing Torres Strait'; a finding borne out by Swadling's (1983:102) recent synthesis of club heads for the region.
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