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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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For the passengers from the Coventry area, Sunday was a day of disappointment after disappointment, broken only by a belated lunch in the afternoon paid for by British Midland Airways. The airline took all the stranded families to the Bridge Restaurant in the city centre.
13 United Airlines and British Midland Airways antitrust immunity with other trans-Atlantic Star Alliance partners.
12 NEITHER MGN Ltd or British Midland Airways Ltd will be liable for any delay or failure to fulfil this promotion where the delay or failure is caused by something outside of their reasonable control.
The British airlines and travel businesses bidding for the National Air Traffic Services Ltd (NATS), via a share purchase deal, are The Airline Group, is a consortium of seven airlines made up of Airtours International Airways Ltd, Britannia Airways Ltd, British Airways plc, British Midland Airways Ltd, easyJet airline company ltd, Monarch Airlines Ltd and Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd, along with British Telecom and the Irish Aviation Authority, IAA.
Vincennes; the fly-by-wire Airbus A320 crashes; the Exxon Valdez oil spill; the British Midland Airways 737 crash; faulty automobile cruisecontrol computer systems; deaths caused by the Therac 25 linear accelerator; concerns about the subvertibility of computerized elections; and numerous violations of system security, both malicious and accidental, by insiders and outsiders, to cite just a few cases.
British Midland Airways flight BD92, travelling from London Heathrow Airport to Belfast, had been diverted to East Midlands Airport after a blade in one of its engines had fractured.
Bmibaby, a subsidiary of UK-based British Midland Airways Limited (bmi), is to close its operations from September 2012.
Airline 'cruises' over the countryside BRITISH Midland Airways, which was the major scheduled airline at Teesside Airport, were planning to provide a series of "cruise flights" for the public.
International Airlines Group (IAG), the merger of British Airways (BA) and Iberia, would consider buying British Midland Airways (bmi), for its slots at Heathrow, should owner Lufthansa (ETR:LHA) put it up for sale, IAGa[euro](tm)s chief, Wille Walsh, told Reuters on Monday.
British airline British Midland Airways (Bmi) said it was 'ready and willing' to start services from London to Iraqi capital Baghdad once the two governments granted permission.
RECENT reports that UK regional airline flybe is considering buying British Midland Airways subsidiaries British Midland Regional and bmibaby could have a considerable impact on Cardiff International Airport.
Having previously done work for the likes of British Midland Airways and the Macdonald Hotel Group, Gordon swapped his late-night shifts for day care and after-school groups.
Airline bmi (the former British Midland Airways) is spending nearly pounds 400 million on new aircraft as part of its strategy of developing its medium and long-haul routes from Heathrow.
Meanwhile, Bmi, formerly British Midland Airways, will start flights between Heathrow and the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh this autumn.
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