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an elected member of the British Parliament: a member of the House of Commons

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He said that British MPs of Pakistani and Kashmiri origin had always played a pivotal role in highlighting the Kashmir issue in the UK parliament and in sensitising the British people on human right violations taking place in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
Egyptian security escorted British MP George Galloway to take a flight out of the country on Friday and he was barred from returning after violent protests over an aid convoy he led into Gaza, MENA news agency said.
Egyptian authorities told British MP George Galloway he was persona non grata on Friday after activists who joined him to dispatch an aid convoy to Gaza Strip clashed with police.
The delegates, ranging from high-profile figures such as author Noam Chomsky, British MP George Galloway, Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein and Nobel Prize winner Mairead Maguire to diplomats, doctors, lawyers, students, interfaith groups that include rabbis, priests and imams, and others, are attempting to break the siege on Gaza by demanding the borders be opened a year after the War on Gaza left 1,400 dead.
After meeting with Geagea, British MP Andy Love said, "The focus of our visit was to discuss the election results and the formation of the upcoming government.
Summary: Controversial British MP George Galloway's request to enter Canada was denied by a Federal Court judge Monday who said Galloway can speak to Canadians via satellite in a decision peace activist
Birthdays: 1946: Robin Cook, 59, British MP. 1931: Peter Alliss, 74, BBC voice of golf.
At least one British MP, Anne Widdecombe, a Catholic, expressed her horror at this ruling.
He equates today's Third World debt with slavery, that other terrible evil against which his great-great-great-grandfather, the British MP Thomas Buxton, campaigned successfully in the early 19th Century.
Summary: Orpington [UK], Sept 3 (ANI): Reiterating India's position that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, British MP Jo Johnson has said that New Delhi and Islamabad should engage to find a lasting "political solution" to their domestic challenges.
A British MP on Tuesday claimed Facebook knew about potentially malicious Russian activity in 2014, long before such activity becomes public, during a parliamentary hearing where international lawmakers grilled the company.
Former British MP John Hayes said the aim of the visit was to "develop the relationship between the two countries to the fullest extent, while maintaining excellent political and diplomatic relations." Later Thursday, the delegation met with Army chief Gen.
The British MP said that the Kashmiri leadership shall have to move the global Kashmir issue
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