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a republic in northeastern South America

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Like Hulan Jack, Gladwin was born in British Guyana in 1903.
Three oil companies, one of which is allegedly operating in Venezuelan waters, obtained concessions on the continental shelf and in marine areas in the disputed territory between Guyana and Venezuela; The 1966 Geneva Accord, signed by Venezuela and Great Britain on behalf of British Guyana, is the legal instrument for the resolution of the claim to Essequibo, some 159,500 square kilometers, following the controversy that arose as a consequence of the Laudo Arbitration in 1899 on the disputed border region.
Despite the fact Mr Dodson was a national of British Guyana in South America, lived in Amsterdam, had a criminal record and met a violent death, Det Supt White said he could not "publicly speculate on matters that might compromise the investigation".
No Crystal Stair chronicles black life in various locations-from the former British Guyana, the Caribbean Islands to Nova Scotia and Montreal, among other places during the Second World War--but does not give in-depth treatment to any.
Watching Percy, who had left British Guyana in his teens for America, was fascinating.
At the age of thirty-eight, Harris left what was at that time British Guyana to go to London.
In the required rotational staffing of Embassy operations, she worked in British Guyana, South America; Valencia, Spain; Geneva, Switzerland; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Brussels, Belgium; Ottawa, Canada; Ciudad, Mexico; and Bridgetown, Barbados.
Born in British Guyana, Watson was brought to Glasgow where his father provided well for his education.
RH Carr is believed to be the last vessel built by J Crichton and Co in 1927 at their Saltney yard in Flintshire but now resides in British Guyana.
The daughter of a Yorkshire businessman and a jewellery designer from British Guyana, she spent her childhood moving from Africa to Greece, and on to Canada, Australia and the Middle East.
Sculptor Hew Locke uses imagery associated with the Royal family to evaluate his experience of growing up in British Guyana - where at school an image of the Queen's head appeared on the front of every exercise book and was not allowed to be defaced by children.
Stafford Crown Court heard yesterday how Mr Dodson, who was born in British Guyana, died in the early hours of August 19, 1999 at a flat in Catford, south east London.
The defender, born in British Guyana in 1857, was the illegitimate son of a wealthy Scots trader and starred for Queen's Park, then the biggest club side in the world.
Let me know that you have given my people a sign of my continued existence." Like most colonial enterprises, British Guyana was originally settled by several different racial and ethnic groups whose descendants were positioned, upon independence, to forge a new nation in the face of internal dissension and external interference.
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