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a republic in northeastern South America

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In the wake of the 1919-1920 labor rebellions, organizers of Trinidad Workingmen's Association- joined by organizers of like-minded associations in Grenada, British Guiana, Barbados, and Jamaica-adopted a reformist stance that emphasized more moderate economic and political goals, sought alliances with the British Labour Party in the metropole, and pursued change through the vehicle of constitutional reform.
Furthermore, Eric Williams suggests that, if British Guiana was annexed earlier in the eighteen century, before the secession of the North American colonies, when the sugar colonies of the Caribbean were the 'apple of their mother country's eye', the whole history of British Guiana would have been different (Williams 1945, 361).
While no single approach is sufficient to describe leadership, it is argued in this article that the leadership style that emerged in British Guiana among indentured women had more to do with their plantation situation and individual reputation than natural traits, which in turn shaped behavioral leadership styles.
The British Guiana is equally notable for its legacy, having been rediscovered by a 12-year-old Scottish boy living in South America in 1873, and from there passing through some of the most important stamp collections ever assembled.
But the novel also provides a balanced perspective on Indian indenture in British Guiana.
On his last journey, he and co-pilot Bill Bjorkland departed from Los Angeles in early April for their final destination, British Guiana.
Born in 1857 in Georgetown, British Guiana, he was the world's first black international footballer.
Palmer covers other less known regional imbroglios, for example the attempt to create unitary statehood with Grenada and to find a Caribbean solution to the ethnicized political rivalry that threatened the newly emerging state of British Guiana.
Demerara was one of the British colonies that joined together to become British Guiana.
Post office records from as early as 1905 reveal that foreign currency sent by Barbadian migrants living in Panama and British Guiana were the main source of income for many families across Barbados, and the funds from fellow Barbadians abroad continues to boost the economy, he said in an address before the National Association of Barbados Organizations (NABO), the umbrella body for Barbadian organizations across the US, founded in Atlanta GA in 1993 by Ken Knight.
In the early 1960s, the CIA, acting through the AFL-CIO, worked to foment race riots and unrest in British Guiana (on the verge of attaining freedom) to oust democratically elected Marxist Cheddi Jagan.
In 1956, Walcott moved to British Guiana to coach and play.
The United States demanded that the United Kingdom, the world's preeminent power, submit to binding arbitration the disputed boundary between Venezuela and British Guiana.
James Carmichael Smyth, the Governor of British Guiana, alluded to this point in a proclamation to the slave population when he assumed office in June 1833.
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