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The trouble is," said Fisher, "that in a few days we should have had a very agreeable alternative--of hanging an innocent man or knocking the British Empire to hell.
The talk was that strange, slight talk which governs the British Empire, which governs it in secret, and yet would scarcely enlighten an ordinary Englishman even if he could overhear it.
Perhaps ours is the only little corner of the British Empire which is thoroughly, wisely, and strongly ruled just now.
The Third Three conspired over whiskey cocktails and a clean sheet of note-paper against the British Empire and all that lay therein.
A riveting historical portrait as well as a nuanced exploration of how the 1700's British Empire was heavily invested in trade, The Merchant John Askin is highly recommended for public and college library collections.
This is a decision that I have had to make and there will be others who may feel different and would enjoy the attraction of being a Member of the British Empire and those three letters after their name, but I feel that It would be a betrayal to all of the Africans who have lost their lives, or who have suffered as a result of empire.
Except for the occasional small crown colony, the British Empire has largely ceased to exist.
Stephen attended the Lord Mayor's House in Cardiff on September 10 to pick up the prestigious British Empire Medal for his services to the NHS in Cardiff and his services to charitable fundraising.
And now she wants others to have the same success she's had and is asking aspiring models to enter her Miss British Empire Newcastle competition.
He has been awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE).
From seventeenth-century Boston to eighteenth-century Bridgeport and Dublin, from nineteenth-century Hong Kong and Melbourne, to twentieth-century New Delhi and Liverpool, each chapter focuses on one city that was a locus for the exchange of goods, ideas and people from all over the British Empire and beyond.
There are some who would say that the British Empire died on the Somme.
Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) recognises an achievement or service to the community which has delivered a sustained impact.
Every sport needs people like Kel and I am delighted that his outstanding contribution to Rugby League has been recognised with the British Empire Medal," said Barwick.
They cover comparing the "Telegraph Bible" of the late British Empire to the chaotic bible of the 16th-century Spanish Empire: beyond the Canaan mandate into anxious parables of the land; The Esperanca de Israel: a mission to Cromwell; Mare Clausum, Leviathan, and Oceana: Bible criticism, secularization, and imperialism in 17th-century English political and legal thought; the armies of Gog, the merchants of Tarshish, and the British Empire; the Jerusalemgangers as an illustration of resistance against the British Empire and 19th-century biblical interpretation in southern Africa; and the battle of the books: the Bible versus the Vedas.
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