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A HOSPITAL porter who has worked for the NHS for nearly 50 years has collected a British Empire Medal after being recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours.
Newsnight frontman Jeremy Paxman is presenting a BBC series about the British Empire and has criticised its omission from the school curriculum
I won Miss Newcastle and that took me onto Miss British Empire.
Artist Paul Cummins and set designer Tom Piper - who collaborated on the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red art installation which surrounded the Tower of London with thousands of red ceramic poppies to mark the anniversary of World War One - will both be awarded Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).
At first this was expressed by having Canada perceived and treated as a more highly respected and valued Dominion within the British Empire.
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) is given to those who have performed a distinguished regional or county-wide role in any field.
For the first time since the Order of the British Empire was founded in 1917, most of them were women.
Mackenzie, "Empire and Metropolitan Cultures," in Porter, Oxford History of the British Empire .
As a result, Ned is public enemy number one in the British Empire and a folk hero to the Australian underclass.
This imposing brick edifice, festooned with ivy, was built at the edge of Victoria Harbour in 1908, and it still offers an intriguing glimpse of what life might have been like for the landed gentry just before fissures began to form in the British Empire.
Carter's piece emphasizes the fragile and contested nature of settler authority in the early years of British influx, and demonstrates a significant shift in settler discourse in the latter nineteenth century, when local events combined with hardening racism throughout the British empire and beyond, to forge "a new determination to create and police boundaries" between settlers and indigenous peoples (p.
Historians and readers seeking to understand the origins of the great American-Soviet confrontation looked for answers in Churchill's efforts to maintain the British empire, Stalin's frustrations as he waited for the opening of a second front, Roosevelt's confidence that his powers of persuasion would, in the end, bring the Soviets into line.
In addition, a highlight of the fourth quarter will be the auction sale of important British Empire stamps and postal history from the famed collections formed by Edward M.
In one generation Europe has seen the end of the Austrian empire, Turkish empire, German empire, French empire, British empire, and the Russian empire all because they were morally bankrupt.
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