British East Africa

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the former British territories of eastern Africa, including Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, and Zanzibar

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So when conservationist Roosevelt arrived in British East Africa in April 1909, Alfred was given the job of looking after the ex-President's hunting expedition.
(2.) Begun in 1898, the 580-mile railway was intended to connect the port of Mombasa, Kenya, and Port Florence (Kisumu) on Lake Victoria, Uganda, to enable settlers to reach the interior of British East Africa and to ship farm products to the coast as well as to serve military purposes, if necessary, against German East Africa to the south.
More than one-half of the Polish civilians who traveled with General Anders out of the Soviet gulags found refuge in the countries of former British East Africa. This segment of East Africa, or "Polish Africa," became the destination for postwar Polish refugees whose camps were closed in other areas of the world.
In contrast to West Africa, a substantial number of European settlers had immigrated to British East Africa, complicating discussions of postindependence constitutional structures.
Possibly because the men were all outdoors shooting animals and clearing land, the best-known chroniclers of the romantic, improbable lives led by white settlers in British East Africa have been women: Isak Dinesen, Beryl Markham, and Elspeth Huxley.
Defining a specifically "African" insanity fascinated psychiatrists in Nyasaland, Nigeria, Rhodesia, and British East Africa. But the problem of defining insanity across radically different cultures beset public officials as well as physicians.
He was appointed an agent of the Imperial British East Africa Company in 1890 but eventually shirked this duty to continue hunting elephants, nearly destroying the entire population between Mount Kenya and Lake Rudolf by 1905.
It was the arrival on the scene of the Imperial British East Africa Company in 1888 that saved the CMS from local disaster.
Grogan then settled in British East Africa, later Kenya, where he became a leader among the British settlers.
Liesegang, who was working on the Uganda Railway in British East Africa. Of the three Frenchmen I know nothing more of F.
At age four Markham went with her father to British East Africa, where she received a spotty education while hunting with African tribesmen and learning to speak Swahili and other African languages.
Married to her cousin, Baron Blixen, Isak Dinesen lived from 1914 to 1931 on a coffee plantation in British East Africa, now Kenya.
Carscallen and Nyambo embarked on building their first church then-called British East Africa Mission Station which was a wooden structure with a grass-thatched roof.Carscallen became the superintendent of the mission.
The regiment has 56 battle honours to its credit - 14 predating the First World War and spanning wars in Afghanistan, China, Burma and British East Africa.
After the British arrived in 1898, hiding behind their Egyptian proxies, they saw South Sudan as part of Black Africa in fact part of British East Africa, while the North was left to its Arab orientation.
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