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Organ donation in an incredible gift that saves the lives of hundreds of British Columbians like Sam, every year.
This was a population-based study using the British Columbia Health Registry, so the participants mirror the general British Columbian population.
A British Columbian (Canada) raised by hippie-like parents and home-schooled since the first grade, Alice MacLeod blames her upbringing and alternative schooling for making her the social misfit she is today.
To assess the impact of a British Columbian salmon farm that harbors sea lice, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton examined juvenile wild pink and chum salmon at points along migration corridors that pass close to the farm.
THE BRITISH Columbian government may halt imports of American wine to the province in retaliation for US restrictions on softwood lumber according B.C's forest minister Mike de Jong.
The proposed coal-mining development along Glacier's north edge at Cabin Creek, a tributary of North Fork of the Flathead River, halted in late May when Richard Neufeld, the British Columbian Minister of Energy and Mines, announced open-pit coal mines would not be allowed and that the area would be spared from future development.
Since the landslide election of the Gordon Campbell Liberals, British Columbian labour unions, anti-poverty organizations, students' unions and other social-justice groups have been bracing themselves for a stream of rollbacks and regressive measures.
By targeting the company through a series of high-profile direct actions around the world to dissuade customers from buying timber from British Columbian temperate rainforests, Greenpeace brought about a significant victory.
Blackwell, a British Columbian animal trapper who is in charge of the lynx relocation effort.
In early October, Sun Belt Water, Inc., a California company, filed notice with the Canadian government in Ottawa that it is seeking up to $15.75 billion in damages from the federal and British Columbian governments, alleging that its rights to export water from western Canada by supertanker have been violated under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Both of these facts meant that the typical British Columbian's childhood would differ from that of children in other regions.
The works ranged from an exploration of movement and its relationships with gravity to an evocative rendering of British Columbian art.
While teaching art in Vancouver, B.C., Carr made frequent sketching trips to British Columbian Indian villages.
According to Liddle, if the British Columbian model is adopted by the provincial government, the change would not be as drastic because independent brokers would still sell the policies.
Bottom line: British Columbian workers will pay for the new employer health tax.
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