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Victoria : British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development.
The province of British Columbia and the Yukon, one of four in the Canadian church, includes the dioceses of Yukon, New Westminster, British Columbia, Kootenay, Caledonia and the parishes of the Central Interior, which were formerly known as the diocese of Cariboo.
But Scott McKinley of the University of British Columbia criticizes the study for not addressing whether sea lice significantly harm pink or chum salmon, which differ from Atlantic species, and for inferring movements of wild fish rather than tagging the animals with transmitters.
This project was funded by Genome British Columbia.
Other mountain ranges in western Canada have been studied in far less detail than the Rockies, and much of that work has been done in the British Columbia Coast Mountains (e.
British Columbia boasts pitcher Jeff Francis, who figures to be one of the top picks in Major League Baseball's first-year draft in June.
British Columbia and Quebec softwood lumber producers have suffered the most during the trade dispute where mill shutdowns have adversely impacted thousands of workers.
The tenants include Ballet British Columbia, the province's most popular dance attraction; DanceArts Vancouver, a troupe run by veteran choreographer Judith Marcuse; New Performance Works, a management company for smaller groups, similar to New York's Pentacle; the Vancouver Ballet Society, which maintains a dance library and publishes Dance International, a quarterly magazine; and the Dance Centre, the administrative agency for the complex.
The Great Bear Rainforest is just one forest in British Columbia that has been saved while other old-growth forests are still being clear-cut," says Krawczyk.
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has trained municipal engineers and highway maintenance crews on the new methods.
The city also proved to be the ideal setting for the 38th AFS Northwest Regional Conference, held Mar 2-4, 1989, at the Hotel Vancouver and sponsored by the Society's British Columbia, Oregon and Washington Chapters.
The contract covers 315 publicly-funded employers and approximately 29,000 nurses who work in acute care hospitals, long-term care homes, community and public health facilities and offices, within Home Support services and in Mental Health services and facilities across British Columbia.
In 2004, an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza H7N3 occurred in poultry in British Columbia, Canada.
Christian leaders in British Columbia -- including the bishops of all Anglican dioceses in the province -- are urging parishioners to vote against or protest the Liberal government's referendum on native treaty negotiations.
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