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civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I

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The British Civil War, the American Revolution, Reconstruction, and the imperialist aftermath of the Spanish-American War generated major constitutional debates about civil liberties.
Trevor Royle has crafted a very impressive comprehensive narrative of the British Civil War, reminiscent of Samuel Rawson Gardiner's classic account, only thoroughly updated with recent historiographical perspectives.
After the ceremony, a drummer boy led the newlyweds who, along with most of their guests, were members of the British Civil War Society, through an archway of raised pikes.
A national newspaper was told by one army officer that: "We are now involved in a kind of surreal mini- British civil war a few thousand miles away."
The house is now restored to its 1645 appearance during the British Civil War, and has become one of the leading "living history" sites in the UK.
The British Civil War was seen through Angelica's eyes in Channel 4's epic.
Clark suggests that a better understanding of the American Revolution might be achieved by re-admitting indeterminacy to it--for instance by viewing it as a British civil war.
His best-known books are A Military History of the English Civil War 1642-1646: Strategy and Tactics, written in collaboration with Frank Jones, Warrior Generals: Winning the British Civil Wars, Reconstructing the New Model Army and Decisive Battles of the English Civil War.
The historiography of the British Civil Wars, Barry Robertson tells us in Royalists at War in Scotland and Ireland, 1638-50, has traditionally emphasized the progressive, the well-documented, and the national.
The historiography of the British Civil Wars has emphasized the progressive, the well-documented, and the national.
THE first-ever museum to detail the story of the British Civil Wars is now open in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
Smith, Geoffrey, Royalist Agents, Conspirators and Spies: Their Role in the British Civil Wars, 1640-1660, Farnham, Ashgate, 2010; hardback; pp.
6 Where did the last battle of the British Civil Wars take place?
The documents unleashed revolution, starting the British Civil Wars which led to the execution of Charles I and to Cromwell's conquest of Scotland to defeat the Stewarts.
As the prologue to The English Revolution and the Wars in the Three Kingdoms quickly makes clear, the author is acutely aware that the shifting nomenclature of the conflicts variously labelled the Great Rebellion, the Puritan Revolution, the English Civil War, the English Revolution, the British Civil Wars, and, most recently, the Wars of the Three Kingdoms charts the progress of a multitude of intense and often vitriolic debates involving ideology, historical method, and nationalist metahistories.
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