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London: The UK is looking forward to secure a new trade deal with India and work more closely with business communities as it prepares to leave the European Union, said Priti Patel, the first Indian-origin minister in the British Cabinet.
In retrospect, political divisions in the British Cabinet make it clear that the "soft Brexit" consensus is premature, the reason cable peaked at 1.
The British cabinet is portrayed as posh, smug and stupid and the Italian PM is seen having a tryst with a woman half his age.
Synopsis: It's 1937 and the British Cabinet accepts the recommendations of the Peel Commission, establishing a Jewish State in the Land of Israel.
From 85,000 Jews in Palestine (around 12 percent of Palestine's population), few of them were Zionists, and the declaration was even rejected by the only Jewish member of the British Cabinet at that time, Lord Montagu.
Amos, a former British Cabinet minister, Leader of the House of Lords and Secretary of State for International Development, is stepping down in May after more than four years in the position.
The British cabinet minister hailed the initiatives being taken by the government of Pakistan and Ministry of textile industry for textile sector's development and sustainability.
Let's be clear: This letter, its tone and its very nature is racist and smacks of Islamophobia -- and the fact that it was written by a member of the British Cabinet is a shame on the administration of Prime Minister David Cameron.
That's Professor Niall Ferguson's opinion on the decision made by the British cabinet to intervene in the war in Europe in 1914 - turning a continental skirmish into a global war lasting four and a quarter years and costing 10 million military deaths.
He was said to have introduced the married British cabinet minister and MP John Profumo to a showgirl in the summer of 1961.
Coventry University's Randhir Auluck, pictured, was part of the British Cabinet Office team that was sent to work with Mandela and his adminstration when he was named as the country's first black president in 1994.
London, Nov 5 ( ANI ): British cabinet ministers have reportedly been banned from using iPads during top government meetings over fears that Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Pakistani spies may have bugged them.
She added that as a British-Muslim in the British Cabinet it was quiet special for her to promote the forum in the Gulf countries.
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi visited Tashkent in April as a member of the British Cabinet and a co-chairman of the Conservative Party of Great Britain.
British Cabinet Minister and the Prime Minister s Trade Envoy, The Rt.
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