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Little was known in the west of Sikorsky's work on the Il'ya Muromets although Harry Woodman found tantalizing material indicating that the British Admiralty had requested plans of the Il'ya Muromets from her Russian ally.
1775, in Tompkins, "Review of British Admiralty Records.
Between 1905 and 1908, the British Admiralty developed the broad outlines of a plan for financial and economic warfare against Europe's rising power, Germany.
They are displayed chronically, from the times of Ptolemy all the way to the British Admiralty nautical charts.
Sandy Island was first recorded by the whaling ship Velocity in 1876 and first mentioned on a British Admiralty chart in 1908.
However, Lambert argues that some officers and civilians advising the British Admiralty realized around 1908 that this newfound prosperity could be selectively choked off if the British government blocked a belligerent's use of British merchant ships and undersea telegraph cables and access to London's acceptance houses.
This work presents two naval staff histories, both produced under the auspices of the British Admiralty, describing the naval operations involved in the WWII German campaign to invade Norway in the spring of 1940.
Through a letter dated March 16, 1934 the British Admiralty confirmed that Lake Tasaul would be the right place to build the military naval port.
The British Admiralty is something of a nebulous term.
Sir John Fisher, head of the British Admiralty, tempered his earlier support for such operations given the risk to capital ships from torpedoes and mines.
This is not the latest scare story from the greenhouse industry, but extracted from a letter by the President of the Royal Society addressed to the British Admiralty, recommending they send a ship to the Arctic to investigate the dramatic changes.
What modus operandi applied between London's private chart-publishers, Arrowsmith specifically, and the newly established British Admiralty Hydrographic Office?
Yarrows and Burrard Dry Dock, experienced shipbuilders with the most developed facilities and skilled workforces, each received contracts to build coal-burning minesweepers to a British Admiralty design, dubbed the Fundy class after the lead ship.
He declared that, through his British admiralty connections, he had a well-informed intelligence service and was willing to supply information on ship movements and intentions.
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