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a former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay

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Grace Cantilo, the mother of 12-year-old Britany Cantilo, said her daughter arrived home after the ordeal in a terrified state.
The two firms will build a software platform, Britany, which could access the Internet faster and more easily than PCs.
In France, Britany, and especially the Morbihan, is the 'pays des megalithes', appropriately celebrated by the relevant Michelin vert whose other volumes hardly mention the likes of Bougon, the Seine alles-courvertes, Arles-Fontvielle, La Hoguette or whatever.
3, 2000 by Reunion Records, a division of Zomba Records (Backstreet Boys, Britany Spears).
In a statement released yesterday, his family said, despite his death not being officially confirmed, photographs showing a youth purportedly named Abu Yusuf Al Britany appear to depict their 17-year-old son.
Sutton: Gerald Baillie, Britany Berube, Alexander Crocker, Carol Diiorio, Victoria Krula, Rachel MacKenzie, Anthony Mikelonis, Brittany Pappas, Christi Wood
A brace from Ryan Britany, together with goals from Mark Gelona and Rhys Thomas secured a 4-1 victory for Roath Park Galaxy over Rumney Earlswood Rangers.
During the HGTV Design Star finale, Danielle competed against Britany Simon to create a TV show pilot.
HEADS UP: From left, Caroline Pearson, Lisa Coleman and Britany Robinson with the free condoms that hair salon Heads are handing out to students for free
The 273 graduates include Erika Adams, Josue Aguilar, Jared Allison, Donovan Anthony, Dylan Arana, Ramon Arellano, Jessica Bahena, Scott Bailey, Michael Barbosa-Ceja, Bailee Barrager, Corey Bearden, Cameron Beck, Jake Becker, Brian Beers, Lucas Blackwell, Megan Blaney, Melissa Booth, Justin Borns, Liceidy Botello-Acosta, Chelsea Bowen, Cody Brawn, Ashley Brooks, David Buenrostro, Daria Burdette, Sarah Burnette, Chase Cabral, Alejandro Camarena, Keoni Campollo, Christopher Carpenter, Mayra Carranza Alvarado, Christopher Carrillo, Katelyn Castro, Katherine Castro, Jahseel Chavez-Pena, Alex Chin, Forrest Church, Aaron Clement, Britany Clingenpeel, Tyler Cluff, Brittany Cobiskey, Nicholas Coleman, Nicholas W.
Pierce College sophomore Britany Henderson and College of the Canyons sophomores Facion Edwards and Melissa Tachias shared Western State Conference women's basketball Player of the Week honors.
The Galaxy's goals came fromAlex Galdo (2), Ryan Britany and Paul Jenkins.
The other was Britany Evans, who started at small forward.
Honors: Gayle Asare, Benjamin Babbitt, Krystal Barrera, Ashley Bauckman, Amanda Bovenzi, Oliva Brochu, Michael Brousseau, Ryan Canty, Patrick Cozza, Amy Dauphin, Hayley Durant, Shannon Grady, Gabrielle Guenther, Katherine Hallice, Camylle Johnson, Colleen Johnson, Connor Lavin, Laura Mitchell, Mathew Myslinski, Britany Opoku, Gavin Poplawski, Jacquelyn Shea, Yuebo Wang, Megan White, Samuel Whitney, Lauren Willand.