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a native or inhabitant of Great Britain

the young of a herring or sprat or similar fish


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minute crustaceans forming food for right whales


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Accompanied by Spanish officers, the sergeant and constable from the West Midlands force will assist with Brits in trouble - but only in daytime.
We look forward to working with Mark and the entire Brit team to further develop their business over the longer-term.
Be Like Brit has helped rebuild homes or built earthquake-proof concrete homes there.
Niall Horan arrived on the 2014 Brit Awards red carpet with his crutches after his knee surgery last month.
He will return to the Brits when he fronts the glitzy bash on February 19, making him the longest-serving presenter of the annual event.
Mark Cloutier, CEO of Amsterdam-based Brit Group, adds, "This opportunity provides a springboard for BGSU to grow into this [property E&S] space in a coordinated, yet distinct manner, from our established London business while at the same time furthering our commitment to Lloyd's as our core trading platform.
Williams teamed up with former music buddy Guy Chambers and wrote the song titled 'The Brits 2013', rapping "Well that Brits night was so f***ing boring.
After this train wreck - or perhaps because of this train wreck - the 90s got under way and the Brits became compulsive annual viewing for many of us.
It was a tightly-fought first quarter but it was the Brit Club that established the advantage, to lead 9-4.
Chas said: "The reaction to our new show has been brilliant, we launched Brit Floyd to a 7,000 strong Echo Arena crowd in January.
Katherine Jenkins and Take That'sJason Orange at the Brit Awards party at The Savoy
BRIT defines "young people facing adversity" as those young people between 16-25 with a physical or mental disability, deprivation, injury, our wounded and young carers.
The Brit Insurance Design Awards celebrate the best of design in seven categories: architecture, transport, graphics, interactive, product, furniture and fashion.
Summary: LONDON: Brit Insurance said Apollo Management had raised its takeover bid to 10.
Brit Insurance this morning reported that profit before tax excluding the effect of foreign exchange on non-monetary items increased by 12.