Bristol Channel

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an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between southern Wales and southwestern England

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The company is now hoping to extend its sailing season by an extra week in October to give our Bristol Channel passengers opportunity to transfer to another cruise.
As the offshore wind industry develops over the next decade and on the back of more viable technologies being demonstrated, expected innovation and cost reduction may in the future open up opportunities in the more challenging areas, such as in the Bristol Channel.
In reality, people who live on the Bristol Channel floodplain are generally unaware of the quite considerable risk they face from surge-tide combinations exceeding the sea defences.
On a clear day, a walk to the end is rewarded with fine views across the Bristol Channel to South Wales.
But experts revealed airline pilots have also spotted many UFOs over the nearby Bristol Channel this year.
A man who took his speedboat for a spin in the Bristol Channel after an all-night drinking session sparked a massive rescue operation by coastguards, lifeboats and an RAF helicopter.
A TEENAGE boy is celebrating becoming the youngest person to swim the Bristol Channel.
The findings will be presented today at a scientific meeting about the Bristol Channel floods of 1607 and show that insured losses from a modern day repeat of the conditions that led to the floods potentially could be up to pounds 13bn for the worst case scenario.
Recruitment has started for a handyman and a general assistant to fill permanent posts on Lundy Island, a three mile by half-mile granite outcrop in the Bristol Channel.
Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel is three miles long by half a mile wide.
30am after issuing a Mayday call warning that their ship was sinking in the Bristol Channel, around 35 miles south west of the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales.
The 102ft catamaran left Avonmouth, on the Bristol Channel, on December 14 after a two year re-fit in Bristol docks, one of six giant boats in the 27,000-mile, 65-day race.
HIGH AND LOW and Bristol Channel, both trained by Barry Hills, were among four horses added to the field for the Perpetual St Simon Stakes-now to be run at Newmarket on Saturday-when entries were reopened yesterday.
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