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an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between southern Wales and southwestern England

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Are they not aware that during 1607 a Great Flood inundated land for miles on both sides of the Bristol Channel with flood water surging up to six miles on to the South Gloucester levels - although more worryingly, flooded the Somerset levels as far as Glastonbury Tor?
The final week, when Melissa swims into the Bristol Channel, will be the most dangerous as it has the second highest tidal range in the world.
But they misjudged the strong tidal surge of the Bristol Channel and their inflatable dinghy took them to Barry.
He said: "All coasts are at risk of tsunami and the 1755 tsunami, generated from an earthquake offshore near Lisbon, hit Cornwall, Devon and southern Ireland, with waves up to 3m (9ft) high, and is very likely to have hit the western South Wales coasts of the outer Bristol Channel, although there are no records I can recall.
Severn, which unveils its annual results in May, serves a population of more than 8m people from the Bristol Channel to the Humber and from mid-Wales to the East Midlands.
Severn serves a population of more than eight million people from mid-Wales to the East Midlands and from the Bristol Channel to the Humber.
A man who took his speedboat for a spin in the Bristol Channel after an all-night drinking session sparked a massive rescue operation by coastguards, lifeboats and an RAF helicopter.
A FENCE of tidal turbines spanning the Bristol Channel could be built and supply electricity to the National Grid within two years.
A TEENAGE boy is celebrating becoming the youngest person to swim the Bristol Channel.
The findings will be presented today at a scientific meeting about the Bristol Channel floods of 1607 and show that insured losses from a modern day repeat of the conditions that led to the floods, potentially could be up to pounds 13 billion for the worst case scenario.
Recruitment has started for a handyman and a general assistant to fill permanent posts on Lundy Island, a three mile by half-mile granite outcrop in the Bristol Channel.
Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel is three miles long by half a mile wide.
The crew of the Dina abandoned ship at 6.30am after issuing a Mayday call warning that their ship was sinking in the Bristol Channel, around 35 miles south west of the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales.
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