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capital and largest city of Queensland state

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Brissy saw off Melbourne Storm in a stunning 14-12 win last week and today's assignment looks much easier.
I had two girls up in Brissy doing a track that was all about too many Murris, you know, sitting around, drinking wine, sniffing petrol, there's a lot of petrol sniffing in Brissy, and they're bagging out their own community.
12) Rachilde and he met at the offices of Rene Brissy, the publisher of both Les Taches d'Encre, Barres' short-lived literary magazine, and of Rachilde's Histoires betes pour amuser les petits enfants d'esprit.
Brissy published Histoires betes in December 1884 and the final two issues of Les Taches d'encre to appear, January and February 1885.
In the greatest upset in oche history, Deller senior slayed the scourge of the Scots Brissy to take the world crown from Kirkcaldy legend and defending champ Jocky Wilson.