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capital and largest city of Queensland state

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We challenged each other throughout the process, not only to solve the technical aspects of Brisbane City Council's brief, but to push the limits of the possibilities across every single component."
The three-day summit, an initiative of Brisbane City Council in collaboration with the Queensland state government as a key partner, has been dedicated to the theme 'The Business of Cities'.
The vehicles include garbage trucks, excavators, backhoes, tipper trucks and utes, will travel north after Brisbane City Council accepted the City's offer for extra resources in the recovery effort.
"Our work with Brisbane city council complements the NBN's work by ensuring millions of Australian citizens have access to next generation internet services through a cost effective and commercially viable fibre optic network."
We aim to provide quality, sales and service in the heart of Brisbane city.'
"We will be talking to the company in Bahrain to see if Brisbane City Council can partner with them."
The State Transit Authority of New South Wales placed an order for 150 18-meter articulated buses based on the Volvo B12BLE chassis for the Sydney transit system, while the Brisbane City Council placed an order for 85 diesel buses based on the Volvo B7RLE chassis.
Storms have raged on and off since Sunday and hailstones the size of golf balls hit Brisbane city centre at the peak of the storm around 7pm last night.
The delegation has met with top Queensland government officials including: representatives from the Queensland Department of Local Government and Department of Infrastructure and Planning, Brisbane City Council Chairperson Margaret de Wit and Gold Coast City Council Mayor Ron Clarke MBE.
As increasing numbers of people move to the region, Brisbane City Council is assessing the feasibility of using asset-based management processes, traditionally used for managing infrastructure such as bridges and roads, to help define and manage natural assets such as wetlands, parks and water quality.
The largest absolute growth over this period took place in the South Regional Organisation of Councils (up 102,148), followed by Brisbane City (up 85,453), the Northern Sub Regional Organisation of Councils (up 72,051), and the Western Sub Regional Organisation of Councils (up 9,221).
In 1999 Brisbane City Council Library Services outsourced its acquisitions and technical services, enabling staff to move into user focused positions in the branches.
More than a thousand packed Brisbane City Hall's main auditorium, welcoming Mr Gorbachev with an enthusiastic standing ovation.
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