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capital and largest city of Queensland state

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'With around 12 months until Brisbane's new runway becomes operational and with untapped markets set to come online during that time, the potential for growth at BNE is exponential.
At Prive 249, Sofitel Brisbane's fine dining outlet open nightly, we sampled some of executive chef Patrice Falantin's specialties, including his delicious mushroom risotto, Beef 55 degrees C with mashed potatoes, and Rum Baba with whipped cream and sultanas.
Cr Quirk said Brisbane's 75,553 international students were attracted by the city's growing global reputation as an Australasian centre of excellence for science and technology, drawing international collaborations from industry and research institutes worldwide.
In the future, BAC's strategic vision is to transform Brisbane Airport into a major commercial centre for business and leisure that supports the economic and cultural growth of Brisbane and Queensland, and acknowledges the important role it plays in Brisbane's transformation into a new world city.
But now the floodwaters have washed away Brisbane's confidence in its own invincibility.
Brisbane's office blocks stood empty, with the normal ly bust l ing central business district transformed into a watery ghost town.
Clark Hoyt, Brisbane's predecessor as the Times' public editor, suggested his former Knight Ridder colleague as a possible replacement to New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller.
In our visit in 2009, we are showcasing Brisbane's transformation and exploring promising areas of co-operation with Manama, Abu Dhabi and Doha," Mr Aitken said.
Sica, 38, who was the boyfriend of Neelma Singh, was the first to raise the alarm about the killings in Bridgeman Downs, in Brisbane's northern suburbs.
Brisbane's great-granddaughters, Mellen (modern European history, City University of New York) and Stallsmith (history, Towson University) provide footnotes, translations of foreign words, and modern punctuation for the diaries.
While attempting to refute the antislavery writings of Francis Wayland, Brisbane's own argument made no sense to him.
ATC is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government's Department of State Development, Brisbane's Office of Economic Development, the Port of Brisbane Corporation and the Brisbane Airport Corporation, working together with the aim of turning Queensland into Australia's leading trade hub.
Brisbane's two-million-odd inhabitants just love a good expo, and with the Third Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, that's pretty mix what they've got.
Brisbane's delighted to, and will, partner with software and other technology and management firms in selling its services.
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