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the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life

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When he lectures on what he calls "The Global Competitiveness Challenge", Arturo Bris' catalogue of eight risk potentials offers a flavor of world-changing doom for every taste.
The season before that Bris had been held 13-13 and on the last day of the 2009-10 campaign Mose simply overwhelmed the Westcountrymen.
Key Words: BRIS soil; Pineapple; Sea water; Irrigation; Sodium; Potassium
The medication management of BRIs is complex, because these patients are prescribed antidepressants, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines, and analgesics (both opioids and nonopioids) to manage the pain and resulting mental health effects, such as depression, frequently associated with these injuries [1-7].
The company also has a minority equity ownership in BRIS, a leading business information provider in Malaysia.
Campden BRIs Director-General, Professor Colin Dennis states:
With more than 160sq metres of glass, natural light floods into the striking loft-style office space, shaded with a specially commissioned Bris Soleil to prevent glare, while overhangs or louvres reduce the direct radiation from the sun falling on the glass.
Another real discovery for me was the amazing St Bris made by Jean-Huges Goisot.
They find a hideously tasteless script - Springtime for Hitler, written by mad Nazi Franz Liebkind (Ferrell) - and hire flamboyant director Roger De Bris (Beach) and sultry but batty Swedish actress Ulla (Thurman) to star in the flop.
Gary Beach, who won the Tony for his hilarious turn as fey director Roger De Bris in The Producers, plays La Cage's Albin--the drag diva with a maternal streak portrayed by Nathan "Lane in The Birdcage, Mike Nichols's 1996 film adaptation.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 August 2004-Sweden: BRIS sees increase in e-mails from children(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Owned and operated by French designer Carole le Bris, known for her unique handcarved style in jewelry designs featuring bold colors, La Petite Princesse will move from its current location at 203 Lafayette Street.
Ingmar Bergman made advertisements for Bris soap, and Carl Theodor Dreyer survived for a period by making info films for the Danish government, but these were footnotes to their work.
Max Bialystock Jason Alexander Leo Bloom Martin Short Franz Liebkind Fred Applegate Roger De Bris Gary Beach Carmen Ghia Josh Prince Ulla Angie Schworer Lick-me-Bite-me Pam Bradley Lead Tenor Daniel Herron Hold-me Touch-me Nancy Johnston Mr.
And they're not the only comic agitators around: Max's partner in crime, the erstwhile accountant Leo Bloom, is played by Matthew Broderick, who cut his teeth on Neil Simon and Ferris Bueller; their fatuous director, Roger De Bris, is played by Gary Beach, who was such a hit as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast; and the director's ever-present assistant, Carmen Ghia, will be Snoopy himself, Roger Bart.