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United States anthropologist who was the first to attempt a systematic classification of Native American languages (1837-1899)

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Brintons employs 1,700 people, of which 700 are in the UK.
For 228 years Brintons has been synonymous with carpet-making in the Midland town, with eight generations of the Brinton dynasty holding shares in the business which has provided carpets for Buckingham Palace and the White House.
Brintons' iron gates, marking carpet manufacturing from 1783 to 1883, were handed back by the developers and gifted to Wyre Forest District Council.
The Brintons family have been mak-k ing carpets in Kidderminster since 1783.
Stephen Clee, leader of Wyre Forest District Council, Steve Singleton Strategy and Performance Unit, WFDC, and Michael Brinton, chairman of Brintons, were present at the start of construction on the site off the A451 Minster Road.
Mr Reilly said: "BABC were able to effect an introduction to a hotel group based in the US that Brintons had been unable to access.
People like the late Sir Eric Pountain of Tarmac, a former Midlands Businessman of the Year and National Businessman of the Year, plus many other awards for exemplifying Britain's fightback in the late 70s and 80s; Gary Allen of IMI; Gary Davies of Glynwed; Tim Brinton of Brinton's Carpets; to name but a few, were all in the vanguard of selling Birmingham and the Midlands.
He has linked up with Brintons in a pounds 1 million autumn press advertising campaign, which features three of his shoes lined with Brintons carpet.
And chances are anyone who has tried their luck in a Las Vegas casino will also have walked on a Brintons project.
Brintons Carpets of Kidderminster has employed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques to build stronger relationships with its customer base.
The large area of empty land at the centre of this photograph is where the Brintons factories used to be.
Brintons, based in Kidderminster, was singled out in the Manufacturing Excellence Awards for 2001.
Plans to redevelop the site were first mooted in 1995 but negotiations with the landowners, which included Brintons, Royal Mail and Severn Trent Water, stalled progress until 1999.