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United States anthropologist who was the first to attempt a systematic classification of Native American languages (1837-1899)

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Rightfully, Fitzpatrick objects to "the demonized conflagration of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia" as was done during the Cold War era (6), but she avoids comparisons of any kind (except with the French Revolution following Brinton's model).
"Eaifl appeals to all ages and is open to everyone who loves the written word, and there is something for everybody," said Brinton.
Based on their research, Hart, Fujiki, Brinton, and Hart (2004) have suggested that the social difficulties experienced by some children with LI occur not just because these children have communication deficits but also because they have associated difficulties with aspects of emotional competence.
The order was sought by police after an incident in Brinton Park on April 21 where Addison swore, kicked a female paramedic and then exposed his genitals The court hearing was told that paramedics had been called to the park after the pensioner became involved in a disturbance with a gang of youths.
The list of upscale kitchenware products carried by Brinton's rivals that from any tony kitchenware shop: Viking, All-Clad, Le Creuset and Mauviel cookware; J.A.
Give walls a fresh lick of paint; Dark wood gives pink a more masculine edge; Brinton's say they make patio cleaning effortless
The commission said the two companies may be associated with such company names as Brinton Group, Benson Dupont Capital Management, Osiris Asia Pacific, Strategic Alliance Corp., Sigama Capital Management and Dreyfus Capital.
Mrs Brinton hit back: "My constituents in this multi-ethnic city are disgusted by this repugnant style of campaigning and so am I.
Brinton was a bomb disposal expert, and his job was to make sure he disarmed the bomb with no further cost to human life.
Brinton. Grammaticalization and Discourse Functions.
Brinton, chief of the environmental epidemiology branch of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.
In his now classic study, English Political Thought in the 19th Century, first published in England in 1933, Crane Brinton discussed the advantages and disadvantages, respectively, of histories of political thought grouping their material around a unifying problem or theme, and histories focused on "men rather than currents of thought." In opting for the second approach, Brinton believed that the "method of men" offered a better guarantee against facile generalizations and snap judgments.
Brinton attempts to adjudicate "a balance between an explanation of gender stratification based on individual, voluntaristic action and one based on the institutional structures of society".
Predicting the exact conditions under which such ideas or fantasies are apt to arise with great force in the public sphere was not the purpose of either Brinton's or Hunt's work.