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hairy upright herb native to southeastern Asia but widely cultivated for its large glossy edible fruit commonly used as a vegetable

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WHERE: Dakshin, WelcomHotel New Delhi, Saket DIAL: 011- 42661122 OPEN FOR: Lunch ( 12: 20 to 2: 45 pm); Dinner ( 7: 30 to 11: 45 pm) MUST HAVE: Vegetarian Tavala Vadai ( ` 345); Prawns ' Raal' Varuval ( ` 1,150), Brinjal ' Kathirikai' Chops ( ` 675), Chicken ' Kozhi' Sukka ( ` 975) and Lamb ' Kari' Chops Masala ( ` 975)
New Delhi After the brouhaha rose over the Bt brinjal issue, the government has set up a National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority, a single-window mechanism with an integrated regulatory system.
The latest campaign which garnered widespread publicity, especially in the subcontinent, was against the commercial introduction of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) brinjal (a type of eggplant).
The table incidentally has been decorated with brinjals in a variety of shapes.
That first garden patch was quickly abandoned by her and the rest of the family indulgently forgave the three-year-old's limited attention span while crunching tender carrots and admiring the deep purple of the brinjals from the magic of the other two's green fingers.
Which is why potatoes, tomatoes and brinjals do not feature because the temple recipes were compiled many centuries before.
Kharif crop comprises Brinjals, Lady finger, grounds, pumpkins, sweet potato etc.
We are protesting the BT brinjal because we have 2,500 varieties of brinjals in our country.
A NATIONAL consultation is beginning on Wednesday on genetically modified ( GM) brinjals before the government decides on its commercial release.
Some well known vegetables of the country are cauliflower, tomato, cabbages, brinjals, peas, onions, chilies and potatoes.
And even if we have a labeling system, how are you going to label GM brinjals or GM okra ( the humble bhindi )?
These states produce nearly 80 percent of brinjals.
So, consumers cannot distinguish between GM and natural brinjals, activists said.
20 (ANI): Contrary to apprehensions of voluntary organisations over the ill effects of Bt technology for brinjals, a distinguished professor with the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) has said that genetically modified brinjal (Bt brinjal) is not harmful and added that it's a safe technology.
As far as the farmers are concerned, there has been no demand for Bt Brinjals from their side.